Los Angeles Marathon 2013 Results: Men's and Women's Top Finishers

Justin OnslowContributor IIMarch 17, 2013

LOS ANGELES - MARCH 6:  Elite male runners run together in a pack during mile one of the Los Angeles Marathon XX on March 6, 2005 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Winning the Asics Los Angeles Marathon is an impressive feat. Breaking a national record in the process is even more remarkable.

Belarus-native Aleksandra Duliba completed the 28th Asics L.A. Marathon in just 2:26:05, besting the rest of the field and claiming the $25,000 prize awarded to the top finisher. Her time set a new Belarusian national record (per Long Beach Press-Telegram), and she did it in her first-ever marathon.

Duliba outpaced Zemzem Ahmed of Ethiopia in the women’s race, who finished with a time of 2:30:31.

The Belarusian also claimed a $50,000 gender-challenge prize, besting the first-place men’s participant. Kenyan Erick Mose finished first among male runners with a time of 2:09:44, but a head start of 18 minutes and 35 seconds for the female runners was enough to give her the advantage. 

Mose came up just over a minute shy of the L.A. Marathon all-time record of 2:08:24 (h/t Los Angeles Times).


Top 10 Male Finishers

Name Age City, State Time
1. Erick Mose 26 Toluca 2:09:42
2. Julius Keter 24 Kapsabet 2:10:29
3. Nicholas Chelimo 30 Ngong Hills 2:10:41
4. Weldon Kirui 24 Kericho 2:10:48
5. Vitaly Shafar 31 Kiev 2:13:29
6. Philemon Baa 31 Nairobi 2:14:38
7. Nick Arciniaga 29 Flagstaff, AZ 2:17:04
8. Chris Chavez 26 Menlo Park, CA 2:19:20
9. Benard Onsare 30 Calgary, Al 2:24:48
10. Jared Abuya 36 Colorado Springs, CO 2:25:16


Top 10 Female Finishers

Name Age City, State Time
1. Aleksandra Duliba 27 Minsk 2:26:05
2. Zemzem Ahmed 28 Addis Ababa 2:30:31
3. Deena Kastor 40 Mammoth Lakes, CA 2:32:38
4. Aberash Nesga 27 Addis Ababa 2:37:09
5. Colleen De Reuck 48 Boulder, CO 2:41:23
6. Joanna Zeiger 42 Boulder, CO 2:44:48
7. Ailsa MacDonald 32 St. Albert, AL 2:48:15
8. Julia Budniak 32 Los Angeles, CA 2:49:29
9. Natalie Stein 30 North Hollywood, CA 2:57:53
10. Kate Freeman 31 Los Angeles, CA 2:59:29


*All results can be found at Live.Xacte.com.


Asics L.A. Marathon Facts

The Los Angeles Marathon was established in 1986, and according to the race's official website, the marathon was "inspired by the success of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games."

The route of the race has changed several times since its inception. The current route (established in 2010) is the first incarnation with parts run "outside the city limits of Los Angeles." 

Dubbed the "Stadium to the Sea," the new course starts near downtown Los Angeles and proceeds through West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles and Santa Monica (per LAMarathon.com).

The biggest highlight of the 2013 race was Duliba's first-place finish. In 2004, the Los Angeles Marathon introduced the gender challenge between male and female racers, which awards a monetary bonus to the first-place finisher. 

Duliba's victory sways the balance back in favor of the female runners, who have now won five of the nine races since the inception of the challenge.