4 Reasons Why UFC 158 Was Not the Last Time We Will See Nick Diaz

Dan Hiergesell@DHiergesellFeatured ColumnistMarch 17, 2013

4 Reasons Why UFC 158 Was Not the Last Time We Will See Nick Diaz

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    Regardless of how ineffective Nick Diaz was against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158, people need to remember that he's still one of the most talented fighters in the division.

    Sure, he looked pedestrian in the biggest fight of his lengthy career, but Diaz isn't the type of fighter to be affected by a loss going into his next fight.

    Now, even though it's been only a day since he got muscled out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at the hands of GSP, Diaz's future in the sport is still bright.

    Here are four reasons why UFC 158 was not the least time we will see the hard-nosed, self-infatuated kid from Cali.

His Age

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    It's hard to believe that Nick Diaz is only 29 years old.

    He's been around the sport for so long and has fought so many top contenders that it seems crazy to think he still has four or five good years ahead of him.

    The bottom line is that as long as Diaz is in a fight mentally, his physical capabilities will follow.  He's still one of the best conditioned fighters in the world and still has room for improvement in his takedown defense and overall striking.

    To think that he'll retire before he turns 30 is absurd.  The kid is still a kid in the sport and retiring now could potentially diminish his overall legacy.

His Skill

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    Not many fighters possess the all-around skill set that Nick Diaz incorporates every time he steps inside the cage.

    His boxing is world-class, his transitions and submissions are some of the best in the division, his conditioning is through the roof, and his mental ability to disrupt an opponent's game plan is second to none.

    So on that front, Diaz's skills alone should be enough to keep him around for at least a few more fights.  It's not like he's getting obliterated by other fighters.  He was simply unable to stuff Georges St-Pierre's takedowns and was unable to find his range against Carlos Condit.

    Both of those are correctable.

His Hunger

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    As often as Nick Diaz flirts with retirement or taking a long period of time off from fighting to collect his thoughts, none of it compares to his natural inclination to fight.

    That is what he does and it's who he is.

    For Diaz to do or be anything else at this point in his life would be a complete waste of talent and potential.  He's still young, very skilled and most certainly possesses the raw hunger to challenge the very best fighters on the planet.

    So, even though he may dance around the idea of hanging it up, competition alone is enough to attract Diaz back to the Octagon and fuel him for yet another shot at UFC gold.

His Appeal

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    At this point in his career, on the heels of a spotlighted feud with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz may be the biggest villain in the sport.

    That's a title that Diaz often questions, considering all he wants to do is fight, but that's the reputation he's received from peppering opponents with verbal jabs in and out of the Octagon.

    It's something that has culminated with Diaz walking his own beat.  He doesn't show up for press conferences, doesn't allow film crews to record his training, doesn't go to open workouts three days before an event and doesn't seem to care that he's the only fighter in the promotion doing this.

    But even though most of these irresponsible acts should be enough to expel Diaz from the UFC, people love it.  Fans love to see a guy who does what he wants as long as he shows up to the fight.  They look for that edge, that individuality.

    Being controversial is one of the biggest catalysts in promoting fights, and Diaz has plenty of it.

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