Chicago Cubs Request More Night Games for Next Season

Manish NayakContributor IIIApril 11, 2013

Wrigley Field under the bright lights.
Wrigley Field under the bright lights.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

One of the many lovable nuances of Wrigley Field are undoubtedly the day games that are played on the North Side.

Many fans know that for over 70 years, until 1988, there had never even been a night game that was hosted at the Friendly Confines.

Flash forward a quarter century later, and the Chicago Cubs are under contract to host 27 games under the bright lights through 2015.

However, team officials have a desire to add to that total.

As reported by Serena Dai and Ted Cox ( Chicago):

The request to have 44 night games next season includes a request of up to 11 more games if Major League Baseball asks to switch some afternoon games to night starts. That would dramatically increase the current number: 27, along with three possible additional night starts based on requests from MLB.

More games played after the sunset would certainly generate more revenue for the team, streaming from the lucrative television deals which other teams around the league currently enjoy.

Things are not all rosy though, because the addition of the night games seem to be another log in the fire between the negotiations with the city of Chicago and the Ricketts family with respect to the potential renovations of the ballpark.

From talks of adding a sign for advertisements which rooftop owners say will block the view of their paying patrons, the concern for traffic and security for nearby residents and the overall price of the bill to complete the Wrigley Field overhaul, the breakdown in talks (via the Chicago Tribune) makes Carlos Marmol and his lack of ability to close a small problem this season.