WWE News: Paul Bearer's Children Release Statement, Eulogy Posted Online

Christopher Olmstead@@whooyouknowitSenior Analyst IIIMarch 16, 2013


It has been almost two weeks since the wrestling world lost one of its greatest managers. The passing of William Moody, aka Paul Bearer, is a loss that will be felt by the WWE Universe for a long time.

Moody's children Daniel and Michael released the following statement regarding their father on his website:

On behalf of the whole Moody family, we sincerely thank you for the outpouring of love and respect during these difficult times. He is now in paradise with our mother, Dianna, and my son, Troy.

We just want to leave you with one final thing he would say, 'Be Blessed,' because we all know were all were blessed to have known and loved him!

Also on the website is the link to his eulogy, which was given at his memorial service by his niece Donna. The eulogy is a very touching and emotional piece. In regards to his WWE career, Donna mentioned the following:

He was a master of the kayfabe - which means he made it all seem real, the rivalries seemed genuine. And he loved that part of it.

If you were to look back at his time in WWE as Paul Bearer, I think everyone would agree with Donna 100 percent. One of the things that made the Bearer character so interesting was that you believed everything he did.

He sold every promo and every facial expression. His trademark laugh is something that would scare young children. Whether it was his early years with Undertaker, the introduction of Kane or the twisted bond he forged with Mankind, he made the entire WWE Universe buy into everything that he was selling.

Even in his death Bearer is still having an impact on the WWE product. Right or wrong, the use of Bearer in the storyline with CM Punk and Undertaker is some powerful stuff.

Punk is a good enough heel to draw heat all on his own. However, as evidenced by this week's Raw, using Bearer draws hatred from the crowd. This hatred coupled with the talents of Undertaker and Punk should make for quite the match at WrestleMania 29.

The eulogy also touches on Moody's earlier days as Percy Pringle and gets into who Moody was outside of the ring.

Donna's words paint Moody as a man that loved life, his career and all of the relationships created from the two. In the final part of the eulogy, Donna reads personal messages that Moody left behind for his two sons. 

It doesn't matter if you remember him has William Moody, Percy Pringle or Paul Bearer. Chances are that by whatever name you recall him as, you are going to recall a man that changed a business and many people's lives.