Viral Video Breakdown: Gus Johnson, Ricky Rubio and More Hot Videos

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 15, 2013

Viral Video Breakdown: Gus Johnson, Ricky Rubio and More Hot Videos

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    Gus Johnson was freaking out, Ricky Rubio went behind-the-back twice in one play and we have a great weekend of stunning viral videos. 

    You can just sense we are but days away from the magic that is March Madness. So you know one of the videos provided features a classic call from a man who will unfortunately be absent from the NCAA tournament. 

    You will want to savor this one Gus Johnson freak out. 

    We are back with yet another collection of videos that took valuable time from our duties at work. It's understandable because it's tough to take your eyes away. 

    Of course, if we have missed any videos that you think deserve some love, sound off in the comments section below. 

Gatorade Bath Fail

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    If there was one video that had you giggling all week long, this was it. 

    A North Platte Community College women's basketball team victory celebration turned into a slapstick video the second the coach was showered with Gatorade. 

    If that weren't enough, a good Samaritan also gets dropped by the suddenly dangerous sports drink. Not to worry, because both men were just fine. 

    More Information: Nebraska Community College Gatorade Celebration Turns into Hilarious Fail Video

Ricky Rubio Is Magical

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    Ricky Rubio had a great game against the Spurs on Tuesday night. The Timberwolves beat a top team and Rubio secured a triple-double, notching 21 points, 12 assists and 13 rebounds. 

    The best part of the night was this double behind-the-back layup that had Spurs players flummoxed. 

    More Information: Ricky Rubio Goes Behind the Back Twice for Layup During First Triple-Double Game

A Very "Mad Men" March Madness

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    Caution: Some NSFW language toward end of video.

    We almost feel ashamed that we didn't notice how perfect March Madness and the hit show Mad Men go together. 

    Get ready for the best tournament in sports with this amazing mashup video. 

    More Information: "Mad Men" March Madness Mashup Video Satisfies Don Draper Fix

Soccer Player Hits Post 4 Times, Still Misses

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    Oh, you thought you were having a frustrating day. 

    During a Greek football match, Lesvos' Egeas Plomariou takes a shot on goal against Papnikolis and gets every single inch of the post.  

    More Information: Greek Soccer Player Gets Every Last Piece of the Goal and Still Misses

Gus Johnson Loses His Mind

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    There is nothing more beautiful than listening to Gus Johnson lose his mind. 

    Illinois' Brandon Paul hits a buzzer-beater against Minnesota, giving us something of a rarity these days: the classic Gus Johnson freak out. 

    More Information: Gus Johnson Ushers in March Madness with Call of Brandon Paul Buzzer Beater

Climber Slides Down Mountain and Survives

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    And this is why you won't even catch me near the top of a ladder. 

    Mark Roberts, a 47-year-old ice climber, is dislodged from his hold by a falling piece of ice and takes off on a terrifying ride back down the mountain. 

    Fortunately, he survived with only minor injuries. 

    More Information: Climber's Scary Slide Down Icy Mountain Caught on Video with Helmet Cam

All She Needed Was 1 Shot

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    Adela Franco had not registered a single shot attempt in this state championship game. At the final moment of the game, she finally took her shot. 

    The cautious young lady was just waiting her turn to save the day. 

    More Information: Girls Basketball Player Needed 1 Shot to Become State Championship Hero

Flyboarding Is as Close as We May Get to Hoverboards

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    We have been asking anyone who would listen since we were kids. Where are our damn hoverboards already?

    While the kind seen in Back to the Future II may remain a fanciful dream, we will take this awesome display of aquatic hovering. 

    More Information: Flyboarding Video Is Delicious Cocktail of Hoverboards, Beach and Basketball

Mike Francesa Delivers Best Pope Report Yet

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    We have a new pope, whose name gave our buddy Mike Francesa some trouble. 

    The WFAN broadcaster tries to pronounce "Jorge Mario Bergoglio" but settles for just mentioning the term "cardinal" a bunch of times.  

    More Information: Mike Francesa Trying and Failing to Report New Pope Will Brighten Your Day

Jeff Gordon Takes Salesman for Ride

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    Fake or not, this video of NASCAR's Jeff Gordon pranking a salesman is both clever and very well done. I will go ahead and add hilarious to that list. 

    While this looks dangerous, I have to say going for a test drive with Gordon might be some fun. You just need an extra pair of pants. 

    More Information: NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Takes Car Salesman on Terrifying Ride for Pepsi MAX Prank

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