Witticisms Part II: Brace Yourselves. We Have New Leadership!

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IApril 16, 2009

First of all, I have to say I'm angry. How could Zander not pick ME for community leader? The man is my FAN for goodness sake. Or doesn't that mean anything anymore?

I guess congrats have to go out to Shane "Changes his picture so much he's probably wanted for something" Howard, and Jason "Le BLahhhhh" Le Blanc. More power to ya fellas, you just signed up for three times as much work, half the credit, and ten times the complaints. 

This co-Leadership should go about as well as Steve Austin's and Eric Bishoff's co-general managership went in the early 2000s.

This must be the B/R Wrestling community's version of the APA. DAMN!

How long before this marriage starts to go south? Shane: I thought I told you to throw out the "Burgett" last night! You missed the pick-up this morning!"

Jason: Stop nagging me! And speaking of last night, you didn't think I would find out that you were POTD-ing behind my back?

To AkD, I just have to say, sorry, man. You're like Shelton...you were close, you're doing things no one has seen before, yet they keep the title from you.

Did anyone else stop for a moment, while searching out all of the supplemental draft updates, and say out loud, "What the hell am I doing right now?"

Until next time.