Is Alabama, LSU or Auburn Best Fit for JUCO WR D'haquille Williams?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIMarch 15, 2013


D'haquille Williams is a JUCO wide receiver recruit with good potential, and he has a very intriguing interest list (247Sports) for fans of SEC football.

LSU is currently on top of his interest list, but the Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers and Texas A&M Aggies are listed as "warm interests" right behind the Tigers. Oklahoma State of the Big-12 is also a "warm interest".

While LSU is on top of his list, it's worth noting that the Crimson Tide have made him an offer, according to Andrew Bone of And Williams is drawn to Alabama for many reasons—specifically, the coaching style of Nick Saban.

Williams likes a lot about the the Alabama program especially head coach Nick Saban. 

"I just like the way Coach Saban coaches," he said. "He is a great coach. He coached in the NFL for a couple of years. He makes sure there is a lot of discipline with his players. He is a great coach on-and-off the field. He's like a father. He is going to make sure you are on top of your academics. He will make you a better player and person." 

That said, Williams is from Reserve, Louisiana, so the Tigers may end up having the proverbial "home-state advantage" for him.

Wherever he does end up, Williams could be a playmaker at the college level. He has good size at 6'3'', 213 pounds, and he runs a 4.40 40 according to 247Sports.

In regards to his best fit, I wouldn't hesitate to keep LSU on top of the interest list if I were him.

First off, Reserve, LA., is just under an hour away from Baton Rouge, which is, of course, the home of LSU. He won't have to travel too far to get to LSU, and it just makes things a whole lot easier in general.

Those who've gone away to college know that it's a luxury to have the option of home being pretty close. He's a football player, but he's still a kid heading off into the "real world" of college. That can be tough, so that could end up being a huge factor. Also, his friends and family would have a much easier drive if they wanted to come and see him play.

As a receiver, he really fits the LSU system well.

He's big and fast, so he can be a deep threat or a possession receiver. He would compliment the running game well, and his size would allow him to block on the edges. Consider that Reuben Randle was 6'3'' and 195 pounds, Brandon LaFell was 6'3'' and 180 pounds and Early Doucet was 6'1'', 207 pounds when they each joined the LSU program.

Williams fits that mold, and he could even be moved down into the slot where he would be a big-time mismatch.

One could argue that LSU signing five wide receivers to the 2013 class would be a detriment to Williams, but because of his size, speed and JUCO experience, he'll have an advantage over the incoming freshman.

He'll be close to home, he fits the scheme, and he has the potential to be extremely effective at LSU.

There's no need to over-think this for Williams. LSU is the best fit.


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