Rob Jackson on Being a Leprechaun, Returning to the Redskins and More

Brad Gagnon NFL National ColumnistMarch 15, 2013

Fresh off a breakout season, Washington Redskins linebacker Rob Jackson is becoming a bit of a household name. It helps that the 27-year-old veteran has gained some serious pop culture cred with the video we posted yesterday from Funny or Die. 

In it, Jackson dresses up as a leprechaun and terrifies a random couple in their home in an attempt to spread St. Patrick's Day cheer. It's the kind of strange comedy some people don't get and others love, and making it even more random is the fact that it features a backup linebacker on the Redskins. 

On Friday, I spoke with Jackson about the video, comedy, his role with the Redskins and the team in general.

Bleacher Report: Where the hell did that video come from? 

Rob Jackson: They approached me with a couple ideas. Brainstorming and stuff like that. And originally they wanted me to do a different piece on, like, celebrations or touchdown dances, but they switched it up and got me to do the St. Patrick's Day one. It worked out because I happened to be in Connecticut and they were shooting in New York. I was going up to New York for the weekend, going to a Knicks game, and the timing just happened to work out perfectly. 

B/R: Plans to do any more stuff like that? 

RJ: Yeah, they asked me to do another one. I forgot what it was, but because of my schedule I wouldn't be able to make it up to New York at the time. They say they liked working with me and they loved how it came out.

B/R: Who in the world in comedy has inspired you?

RJ: I wouldn't say I need inspiration. I wouldn't say it was anything that I always watched and [decided] I'd like to be funny or have a sense of humor. Who doesn't like to laugh and like comedy? But I like watching comedy. Will Ferrell is one of my favorite actors.

B/R: Are you the funniest guy on the team?

RJ: No, I wouldn't say that.

B/R: Who is?

RJ: I would say Chris Wilson or Trent Williams.

B/R: Interesting. I wouldn't imagine Trent being overly funny. What do you expect your role to be like with Brian Orakpo back? Did they give you any assurances when they signed you?

RJ: I haven't talked to any of the coaches about what they want me to do and what my role is supposed to be, but I want to do whatever I need to do to be part of the team. We're gonna try to have a good team this year and do some good things. So I'll just be happy to be around for it.

B/R: London Fletcher came out on Twitter and ripped the NFL and NFLPA in a crafty way for these cap sanctions. What are your thoughts? I know it has to be frustrating when guys like DeAngelo Hall and Fred Davis aren't around because of it.

RJ: It's tough, but we knew it was coming. So hopefully they had a good plan. It's good they had a little time to prepare for it [this offseason]. 

B/R: Do you guys talk about that kind of stuff when you're hanging out or in the locker room?

RJ: We discuss it, but a lot of guys don't really understand or don't really know what's exactly going on. I'm one of them. I just know they got penalized and we lost a lot of money. Stuff like that. But guys don't really get too in-depth with it in the locker room.

B/R: St. Patrick's Day plans? Assume you won't be haunting some poor married couple?

RJ: [Laughs] No, just relaxing.