March Madness 2013: Top Seeds Who Will Fall on Friday

Aaron Siegal-EismanFeatured ColumnistMarch 15, 2013

No. 15 seed Lehigh Upsets No. 2 Duke last year
No. 15 seed Lehigh Upsets No. 2 Duke last yearMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

March Madness has less than a week until the opening round games begin. Teams are hoping  their name gets called on Selection Sunday to continue their postseason dreams. Once a team's name gets called, then it depends who that team will face, which could favor them or not.

The NCAA tournament brings teams from all over the country to face each other in a win-or-go-home format. Many college basketball fans will fill up their brackets hoping to predict what really happens.

But, there are always upsets that can really put a wrench in the works and affect people's brackets. First round upsets have been a tradition since the birth of the tourney. Last year, No. 2-seed Duke lost to No. 15-Lehigh in the opening round. The underdog has a lot to fight for because they don't always make it to the big event like the perennial powerhouses do.

Here are two top seeds that will fall on Friday:


Arizona Wildcats

Most likely the Arizona Wildcats will be a No. 3 or 4 seed once Selection Sunday rolls around. The Wildcats will lose in their opening round game because of offensive inconsistencies. At times, the Wildcats weren't able to score when they needed baskets. It’s a problem because of the youth in their roster, which can be a problem in the tournament.

Also, rebounding has been a problem with this team. The Wildcats rank 102nd in the country with 36.2 rebounds per game. Getting out-rebounded by an opponent will lead to an early exit from the tourney because it allows second chance points. The Wildcats will be knocked out of the first round because they lack experience to thrive on the big stage.   


Ohio State Buckeyes

The past Ohio State teams have had scoring depth on their rosters, which led to success in the tourney. Deshaun Thomas has been their main scorer all season long. If Thomas has an off night and the supporting cast doesn't pick up their play, then that will lead to an opening round upset.

The Buckeyes' defense has been their backbone all season long. Aaron Craft has done a very good job of defending against opposing players. Craft and the other players have to continue to play well on defense or else an opposing team could come out hot against them. If an opposing team gets the Buckeyes in foul trouble, then bench players without a lot of experience will have to play, which could lead to their demise.