Debate: Who Would You Rather Have, Asomugha or Woodson?

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Debate: Who Would You Rather Have, Asomugha or Woodson?
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The 49ers are reportedly in talks with both Nnamdi Asomugha and Charles Woodson.  Which free agent would you rather sign in SF?


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Why not both? I think thats a real possibility. If I had to chose, Nnamdi. I have a feeling we'd get more out of him.
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I would rather have Asomugha because I feel like he has a lot to offer as a man to man press corner. He also will come in with a chip on his shoulder ...
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From what I hear the niners are trying to land both on minimal year contracts with performance bonuses...get em both! Make it happen fellas...they had...
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We need Nhamdi but not woodson I think charles is done and wont be able to stay healthy and niether will delmas so I say draft a rookie safety maybe t...
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I would personally like to see both in Red and Gold because Woodson should come fairly cheap and after the last two years Asomugha shouldn't be too p...
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