UFC 158: The Last Chance for Nick Diaz

Riley KontekFeatured ColumnistMarch 15, 2013

February 4, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC fighter Carlos Condit (left) fights against Nick Diaz (right) during UFC 143 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Carlos Codit defeated Nick Diaz. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 158 has had a tense, entertaining buildup between champion and contender. The banter and bickering that has gone on between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz has created a heavy buzz coming into this weekend's pay-per-view.

Diaz has been considered a top welterweight for some time now and will finally get a crack at GSP after a few failed chances. Of course, those failed chances lie squarely on the shoulders of Diaz, whose failure to cooperate has vilified him to most fans and UFC bosses.

Come UFC 158, we may see the last chance for Diaz to compete for UFC gold in his career. He will need to make the best of this opportunity against one of the stiffest tests in the game today.

Diaz is a skilled fighter; nobody can argue otherwise. His combination of volume boxing, slick grappling and second-to-none cardio make him a top guy at 170 pounds from now until he decides to hang up the gloves.

He also has an oddball personality that fans love. He is crazy, brash and crazy, if I failed to mention that before.

However, it is this personality he possesses that gets him in trouble with the head honchos in the front office. That personality has made every fight he has participated in a risk, as he could no-show at any time.

Take for instance his initial reentering of the UFC. Diaz had a title shot on a golden platter, but his no show of press conferences and other promotional duties shelved this opportunity.

In short, Diaz shot himself in the foot.

His failing of drug tests due to his use of medicinal marijuana also makes him a risk at any fight he throws down in. At any time in his future UFC career, Diaz could be cut if he doesn't stay clean with the athletic commission inspections.

That brings us to Saturday night. Diaz may have used his personality to sell some extra tickets, but don't let that business end of things fool you—he is on his last chance fighting for UFC gold.

Diaz is in dire need of a win, here. This is probably his last chance due to the reasons I listed above.

He may still be around taking on top guys but the UFC will not take the risk again putting Diaz in a title fight should he lose to GSP this weekend.