Shaqtin' a Fool: Russell Westbrook Goes Bad

Joel C. CordesNBA Associate EditorMarch 15, 2013

There's good Russ, and then there's bad Russ.

Oklahoma City Thunder fans often wonder which Russell Westbrook they'll get on any given night. 

There's no questioning which one is present on the latest installment of Shaqtin' a Fool. We know Westbrook likes to shoot, but this might be taking irrational confidence a tad too far.

You want ill-advised plays? Dirk Nowitzki chimes in with a great look and equally horrible execution.

Elsewhere, they just don't teach layup drills like they used to, the Toronto Raptors' mop boy is apparently used to getting hit in the noggin with the ball and Dwight Howard doesn't look ready for whatever it was that Steve Nash threw at his head.

Get your giggles with Shaq, Ernie and the gang on TNT's latest Shaqtin' a Fool!