Bill DeMott's WWE Developmental Training 'Worse Than Any Boot Camp in the Army'

Jamie WestAnalyst IIIMarch 15, 2013

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Although Bill DeMott describes himself in the profile section of his official Twitter account as a "Motivator!", even adding an exclamation mark to emphasize this trait, not everybody seems to agree with the trainer's self-assessment.  

Former WWE developmental star Kevin Matthews, who has publicly spoken out against DeMott and his training techniques before, recently spoke to Shelly Martinez of Fun Time Radio and continued his rants against the former WCW World Tag Team Champion:

It was a boot camp style, but a pointless boot camp. There was guy [sic] there, Mike Taylor, who was in the army, he said this was way worse than any boot camp he's done in the army

While DeMott has picked up a lot of heat in recent months, especially following accusations of sexual harassment and his forcing of trainees to wrestle naked, the motives for Matthews' continuous complaints have to be considered.

While only speaking publicly on the matter in recent months, the former developmental wrestler is referring to incidents that occurred back in 2006 in Deep South Wrestling. 

A cynic may point out that Matthews knows that blasting DeMott will earn him the mainstream attention that he has thus far been unable to achieve through wrestling alone.

Moreover, DeMott is known to have trained main-roster superstars such as Ryback, The Miz and Johnny Curtis, none of whom have spoken out about their former trainer with the anger and resentment that Matthews appears to bear. 

Nevertheless, if there is truth behind Matthews' words, then he does make DeMott out to have overworked developmental talent to the point that they succumbed to "countless injuries that could have been prevented had they not been pushed to work until they could no longer do so."

However, it would seem that publicly bashing DeMott is the only way for Matthews to remain relevant in an industry that has long since forgotten his name, and perhaps therefore his views should be taken with a pinch of salt until more former developmental stars are willing to support his arguments.