WrestleMania 29: Tag Team Championship Match Would Be Perfect for Ziggler

Jamie WestAnalyst IIIMarch 15, 2013

Photo obtained from tumblr.com
Photo obtained from tumblr.com

Since defeating John Cena in the main-event of December's Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view, Dolph Ziggler has faded back into obscurity on the WWE roster. 

It was largely expected that the ladder match victory over Cena was designed to confirm Ziggler's main-event status, making him appear a legitimate world champion when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. 

In some ways, having the briefcase as the focal point of Ziggler's character may have stalled his progress in the first months of 2013, as it has meant he has been unable to engage in a meaningful, long-term high profile feud.

Ziggler's closest chance at a main-event feud since his pay-per-view victory over Cena was arguably ruined only by circumstance; had Rey Mysterio not had to be pulled from the Elimination Chamber match, we may have seen his replacement, Chris Jericho, face "The Show Off" back on Feb. 17.

Instead we were treated to a throwaway four minute match between Ziggler and Kofi Kingston which confirmed the lack of WrestleMania season direction for two of the company's biggest young stars.

With his momentum floundering, it was easy to cringe when it was first reported that "The #Heel" was to be thrust, along with his bodyguard, into the WWE Tag Team Championship scene. With many fans holding out for a WrestleMania upper-midcard singles feud with a performer such as Jericho, the speculation of Ziggler's return to tag action has served further questions about his direction. 

However, being in a midcard championship match on a pay-per-view may serve as the ideal distraction to fans for Creative to finally choose to have him cash in his Money In The Bank Contract. The first ever MITB cash in, for instance, which saw Edge defeat John Cena, was preceded earlier in the night by Edge challenging Ric Flair for the Intercontinental title. 

Ziggler could leave 'Mania as one half of the tag champions as well as becoming the new World Heavyweight champion. He could win one title but not the other, or he could walk away from the "Grandest Show of Them All" with absolutely nothing. If the latter comes to fruition, it may be time for Ziggler's fans to get seriously worried about what Creative have planned for him in the short-term.  

Ultimately, it is hard to picture Ziggler and Langston being an active part of WWE's tag team division while Ziggler is focused on the World Heavyweight title, especially with his contract running out in July. Therefore, their rumoured WrestleMania match could serve only to further the Team Hell No fallout and distract fans from the fact that Ziggler is ready to strike at any opportunity.