25 Amazing Athletes Not Even in High School

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25 Amazing Athletes Not Even in High School
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Children aren't typically labeled athletes...and for good reason. For most kids, the level of competition is wildly uneven at best (and a chaotic nightmare at worst) until they start playing varsity sports. And even then, you have no idea what you're going to get. 

A boy or girl may be dominant on his or her team, but it's all relative. Unless he or she is lighting up the high school scoreboard and getting scholarship offers, it's tough to faithfully assess talent in games that are not much more than organized recess.

While most kids who get the opportunity to play baseball, soccer, field hockey or any other sport supported by a formal league move on and focus their efforts on other priorities, future star athletes are laying the groundwork for a career.

The Serena Williamses and Sidney Crosbys of the world were once kids like us, but instead of throwing rocks and catching frogs after school, they were training to make the most of their rare talents. They certainly weren't sitting around eating glue like you

At this moment, there are young people—not even old enough to get a drivers license—who've already established themselves as tremendous athletes and stars in the making. While most kids are slapping a tetherball with ambivalence, they're training and preparing for a future in sports.

These are 25 amazing athletes who are not even in high school.

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