MiLB's Whitecaps Unveil Bacon-Shelled Taco and Many Lesser Items

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 14, 2013

Photo Credit: West Michigan Whitecaps Facebook
Photo Credit: West Michigan Whitecaps Facebook

Bacon makes everything better. If society and my health allowed it, I would write this article while chomping on bacon as I sit in a bacon chair and type on a bacon keyboard. 

I have every last bit of confidence that the sizzle of bacon will serve to make Minor League Baseball action better as well. 

As it is, life only allows for bacon on rare occasions. So will you excuse us as we deliver news of what will be available at West Michigan Whitecaps games this season with the enthusiasm of Gus Johnson witnessing a buzzer-beater?

Here is a picture of a dish that will make your heart skip a beat, but only if you actually eat this stuff, via Whitecaps Facebook page

Normally, we would stop the article right here and excuse ourselves for some bacon-related issues. Instead, we would like to direct your attention to Benjamin Hill's blog on two new dishes you can get at Whitecaps games. 

This first is, of course, this bacon-shelled taco that they call a "baco." I just call it a great idea.

The second new item on the menu mandates fans sign a waiver before eating, per Hill's blog, which I assume piqued your interest. 

Here is the “Squeelin’ Pig," which is described as the following: 

Billed as the spiciest sandwich served at any ballpark, this is a pulled pork sandwich packed with a punch of Giardinara, a sprinkle of Ghost Pepper and flaming BBQ sauce.

This sounds more like something you have your buddy buy when he's had a few beers and the game starts to drag around the seventh inning. 

The Whitecaps have added 17 more items to the 2013 concession menu. Hill was kind enough to list some of the more intriguing fare: fried mac and jack cheese bites, iced coffee, mac and cheese cart, smoked sausage kabobs. 

I would continue, but my blood pressure just rose significantly in the last few seconds. 

There are those who don't actually enjoy bacon in their burgers, sandwiches, salads or any other food stuff. We like to call these people "boring."

The rest of us can now schedule our very first trip to see the Whitecaps play. On second thought, I may just wait for the home edition. 


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