Debate: Was Dahntay Jones' Defense on Kobe Dirty?

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Debate: Was Dahntay Jones' Defense on Kobe Dirty?
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With Kobe out indefinitely after spraining ankle, was Dahntay Jones' defense on the final play dirty?


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Dirty? No way any one who has played basketball knows that you play tight defence on a shooter especially in the last seconds with the game on the lin...
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It was good defense, that's all. All that's going through jones mind is "don't let him make this shot, hands up" it's not like he was thinking "oh I'm...
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lol.why is this even a debate?get over it people!just because its kobe that got hurt, a debate gotta be brought up?
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His hands were up, Kobe faded over them and landed on Jones' foot, in which where he rolled his ankle on. Jones was given a helluva challenge guarding...
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