NFL Schedule: Prime Time Woes and Solutions

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NFL Schedule: Prime Time Woes and Solutions
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The 2009 schedule has just been released and well there are some problems.

This season the Dallas Cowboys some how have more prime time games then The Patriots, Dolphins, Falcons, Ravens and even The Cardinals.

I know Cowboy fans will say that they deserve it, but (hold on HAHAHAHA) you haven't. The truth is the only teams that deserve five prime time games are The Cardinals, Steelers, Colts, Patriots and Ravens. 

Those are teams that will at worst put on a good show and with their credentials should be given more prime time games. 

Other teams that do not deserve prime time games: Broncos and Browns

Then there are the teams that were screwed over. The Falcons and The Vikings both only have two prime time games despite there playoff appearances and exiting offenses. These two teams are young and on the rise and should be displayed for the public on the national stage. 

Now that you have heard my grievances  I will show which games should have been placed in the prime time spots.

If I don't mention a game it means I have no comment on it.

Week 1: Real games: Bills at Patriots and Chargers at Oakland

My games: Dolphins at Falcons and 49ers at Cardinals

Reasons: Bills at Patriots does not have any storyline except the Tom Brady back from injury. While the game I propose would be the Dolphins at Falcons. This game would provide a great show. The idea of the two biggest surprises from last year going head to head to start the season is just amazing. 

Reasons: Chargers at Raiders was a horrible game last season when it was in this exact same spot. So truly any game would work here, but because of the time zones I would make it the 49ers at Cardinals. The game would allow for a fun rivalry with two team who have high aspirations for the 2009 season. 

Week 2: Although I am against the Cowboys in prime time spots I will let this slide, because this game is normally pretty entertaining. 

Week 3: Real game: Panthers at Cowboys

My game: Falcons at Patriots

Reasons: The Dallas Cowboys vs the Panthers would not be a very entertaining match up. The odds say that it would become a defensive struggle. Both Romo and Delhomme will find ways to screw over their teams. While a change to a Falcons vs Patriots game would provide a great series of conversations comparing Ryan to Brady. It would also allow Thomas Dimitroff to show the Patriots what he could have done if they kept him. 

Week 4: Gonna be a good week on prime time with Chargers at Steelers and Packers at Vikings.

Week 5: Another good week two solid rivalry games only game I would consider moving would be the Redskins at Panthers, but I will not complain.

Week 6: Fine with this week as well two great rematches from last year and the right stage to do it on. 

Week 7: Wow four weeks in a row of quality prime time.

Week 8: Real game: Falcons at Saints

My game: Panthers at Cardinals

Reasons: Falcons at Saints quality match up, but there is a playoff rematch that could have some entertaining story lines. Panthers at Cardinals I like this match up it has two of the best wide receivers in the NFL going head to head. Also even Jake Delhomme will not mess up the same game twice or will he?

Week 9: Real games: Cowboys at Eagles and Steelers at Broncos

My Games: Redskins at Falcons and Texans at Colts

Reasons: Cowboys at Eagles is one of the most over rated match ups. (bring on the hate mail) I say everyone has seen this game at least five times and like me are probably sick of it. So why not bring in a game that happens on average every four years. Redskins at Falcons Get two young quarterbacks into the spot light and well at this point in the season this could be a very important game

Reasons: Steelers at Broncos has the rematch of last years game, but that is about it. The Texans at Colts game could actually signify the passing of the torch. (Not guaranteeing they will, but look out.)

Week 10: Real game: Ravens at Browns

My game: Bills at Titans

Reasons: The Browns do not deserve a prime time game it is that simple. The Bills at Titans game I believe will be pretty interesting. The match up of T.O. and L.E. against the Titans defense will be fun. 

Week 11: Real game: Eagles at Bears

My game: Colts at Ravens

Reasons: Good solid game, but the Colts at Ravens has so much potential you have to put it on prime time. 

Week 12: Fun week. You got the defenses on Sunday and the offenses on Monday. (Steelers at Ravens and Patriots at Saints)

Week 13: Real game: Ravens at Packers

My game: Eagles at Falcons

Reasons: Ravens at Packers could have its highlights, but the rematch of Eagles at Falcons could be a great measuring stick as to how these teams were last season. While allowing the league to see some good old NFC South vs NFC East.

Week 14: Real game Cardinals at 49ers

My game: Jets at Bucs

Reasons: Well this is kind of a forced move. I already made the Cardinals vs 49ers match up on prime time so I am moving it. I will instead add Jets at Bucs. This game will be a defensive struggle. See I believe although the Bucs are messing with their defense I believe it will still be formidable. 

Week 15: I will take it good NFC show downs. 

Week 16: Divisional games will be important as the four team will more then likely be fighting for play off spots. 


So there you have it, those are the games that I wish were on prime time, but sadly they are not. The good news though is that these games will still occur so keep track of them I have a feeling they will be good.

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