Today's 30-Second Read: Huge MLB Assumptions

Glenn DarbySenior Analyst IApril 1, 2008

Just about every team has played one game so far.  If these are any indication of how the year will go, we have a lot to expect.

•The Rays are actually going to be good and their pitching can dominate a game.

•The Diamondbacks will continue to win a staggering number of one-run games and only hit home runs.

•The Reds will break their own record for number of strikeouts for the team this season.

•Barry Zito will have an ERA around 5.00 while the Giants lose 116 games.

•Mariner pitchers are scary and will walk all over the Angels depleted staff.

•The Royals, Nationals, and Pirates could actually play close to .500 ball this year.

•Livan Hernandez will throw 200 innings again to prove that his arm contains no actual tendons.

•Johan Santana and Brandon Webb will compete for the Cy Young, but Santana will win it because of the NY-bias within the media.

•The Indians are going to have to score a lot this year with the pen they have.

•The Brewers will top the Cubs in the Central standings this year.