6 MLB Players Who Will Have Disappointing Seasons in 2013

Yossi Feins@TheRaysRanterContributor IIIMarch 14, 2013

6 MLB Players Who Will Have Disappointing Seasons in 2013

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    As the 2013 season nears, a handful of players will enter the season with high expectations put upon them.

    Every offseason there are big names signed to lucrative contracts, franchise cornerstones or young rising stars who simply fail to meet expectations.

    Who will let down their team in 2013?

    Here are six names who will will disappoint fans this year.

Jered Weaver

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    Jered Weaver will lead the Los Angeles Angels' pitching staff again in 2013, hoping to continue what has been a great past four seasons for him.

    Weaver went 20-5 with a 2.81 ERA last year, so his expectations are obviously very high coming into the season.

    His posted a 3.75 FIP and a 4.02 SIERA in 2012, which suggests that he likely had some luck last year and is bound to put up worse numbers this season.

Hyun-Jin Ryu

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    After struggling in his spring training debut—allowing seven runs in 10.2 innings pitched—there's already been speculation that Korean phenom Hyun-Jin Ryu will become the next Kei Igawa.

    After he dominated the South Korean pro league for seven seasons, the Los Angeles Dodgers signed Ryu to a six-year deal worth $36 million.

    As we've seen in the past many Asian pitchers have had a hard time with the transition from their native countries to the United States. I expect it will be a rough one for Ryu as well, especially in his rookie season.

Shane Victorino

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    After being signed to a head-scratching three-year deal worth $39 million by the Boston Red Sox, Shane Victorino has started the spring with a slump. The 32-year-old hasn't collected a single hit in 11 spring training at-bats, and is just 1-for-6 with Team USA at the World Baseball Classic as well.

    Could the Flyin' Hawaiian be on a career decline? It's definitely a legitimate concern for Red Sox fans, as he posted a wOBA of .310 last year, which is his lowest since his rookie season.

    If one thing's for sure, it's very unlikely that he'll be able to meet the expectations of a a player making $13 million a year.

Mark Buehrle

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    The Toronto Blue Jays acquired Mark Buehrle in this offseason's blockbuster from the Miami Marlins expecting him to be a key part of their rotation in 2013. However, there are a few reasons to believe why he'll have a letdown year.

    First off, he's had a rough start to the spring, allowing five runs on 13 hits through nine innings pitched.

    Secondly, he struggled last year in the second half of the season, posting a 4.36 ERA versus a 3.25 ERA in the first half.

    Another red flag is his history against AL East opponents, which hasn't been pretty either.

Anibal Sanchez

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    The Detroit Tigers inked right-hander Anibal Sanchez to a huge five-year contract worth $80 million.

    Sanchez is a solid starter who can provide around 200 innings and pitch consistently, but I don't think he'll become the pitcher that Detroit expects him to be.

    The 29-year-old simply doesn't have the upside to be taking up this much of the Tigers' payroll. Although I don't predict he'll have a bad season, he's bound to disappoint Detroit under this new contract.

R.A. Dickey

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    After winning the NL Cy Young award with the New York Mets in 2012, R.A. Dickey will now lead the potentially competitive Blue Jays' rotation this season.

    At the age of 38, Dickey is signed to a three-year deal worth $30 million. The pricey contract shows how high Toronto's expectations are for him this year.

    Dickey has had a bumpy start to the spring, getting hit hard in both spring training and in his World Baseball Classic start.

    The numbers are small sample size, but they may be a preview of what could be a rapid decline for the aging star.