Down Since Day One: Addition By Subtraction: NOT What I Had In Mind

Chris BrowneCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Chavo Guerrero beats on ECW Champion Kane during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

Apparently articles on B/R get more attention by the WWE than we all thought.  We all talk about the WWE paying attention to the internet community, but apparently Numero Uno has a cousin in the creative department in the WWE.

Burgett has a habit of reading the title of an article and commenting at the end of it without ever really commenting on the actual article itself. 

What does this have to do with my article?  Everything.

Apparently somebody in the WWE Creative Department decided to read the title of my debut of DSDO: Addition By Subtraction. The only problem is, instead of reading the article on how getting rid of the RIGHT people could, in the long run, enhance the quality of the product, they decided to create the Addition of several new headaches of mine by Subtracting several tag teams.

The WWE Draft started well, as the only tag team split up was Miz and Morrison, and while being one of the better tag teams in the past year to year and a half, everybody and their mothers knew that this was coming.

With only one tag team initially split up, things looked good for the tag team division.  Then the supplemental draft hit.

The first pick hit well. Then initially came Shad at #2 being selected to Smackdown.

For anyone who didnt actually follow the supplemental draft (I had it up while I was at work) several tag teams were split up during the time of the draft. Over the course of the draft, at one point in time there were a total of 10 tag teams or singles/manager teams split up, before 3 of them were "Reunited."

As far as Cryme Tyme went, anyone with eyes knew that JTG was soon to follow Shad over to Smackdown. They operate well as singles stars, but better as a tag team. There would be no purpose to have JTG and Shad operate seperately, especially with their gimmicks. 

The Colons were another no-brainer. Why would they seperate them after they just unified the damn tag belts?  And how would you seperate the belts across the brands? Everyone knew that Carlito was soon to follow after Primo was drafted to Raw.

The Bella Twins? Really? Why would you even tease seperating them? Theyre not even of importance as a tag team, so what made anyone think theyd seperate them?

Overall, 7 Tag Teams ended up split, including:

Miz and Morrison (Miz to Raw, Morrison to Smackdown)
Kendrick and Jackson (Kendrick to Raw, Jackson to ECW)
Hornswaggle and Finlay (Horny to Raw, Finlay stays on ECW)
Ryder and Hawkins (Ryder to ECW, Hawkins stays on SD)
Jesse and Festus (Festus to Raw, Jesse stays on SD)
DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox (Fox to SD)
Regal and Layla (Layla to SD)

Where are the Tag Teams left?

Priceless - Even though they dont get used as a tag team...just in boring handicap matches meant to elevate Randy Orton.

Cryme Tyme - Kept as a team, awesome. Kept as a team on SD when both sets of titles are on Raw? Not a good idea.

Colons: Who the hell are they going to feud with? Priceless for the next 12 months?

Ryder and Hawk--- No....Jesse and Fes---No....Kendr---No... Who the hell else is there?

The draft united two more tag teams that most likely will never be used as tag teams, as well as two of the most popular, in DX (Triple H to Raw) and Brothers of Destruction (Kane to SD). The Supplemental united the possibility of the WGTT reunion, which might not be bad given Haas hasnt done anything in months and Shelton now doesnt even hold a belt.

My main question is, Im sure the unification of the titles was to draw attention, so why delete so many tag teams? Only WGTT has the possibility of being used as a tag team, so why not just scrap the damn titles?

On a side note, what the hell was up with some of the supplemental picks? Kennedy to Raw. Great idea.  Helms to ECW. Even better idea. Natalya to ECW? Why? So she can compete in the oh-so-great ECW Womens Division with no title? Even better, DH Smith to ECW. Man hasnt even been on tv on SD or Raw now in almost a year, and you put him on ECW, why? How about Hornswoggle to Raw? I love watching Horny, but why waste the spot on Raw when all of his appearances are going to involve Finlay anyways?  How about the Bellas to Raw? Is there going to be a new Womens Tag Title Division that we're unaware of?  or Ryder to ECW? Seriously, does he stand a chance at holding the ECW title? And if not, which is most likely the logical answer, then why put him on a brand where there's only ONE TITLE?

Helms and Jackson to ECW, I can see, both could, emphasis on COULD, hold the ECW Title. Jackson needs to pick up his in-ring work, but Helms, it would be an awesome feather in his cap since SD did nothing for him since he returned after so long.  Morrison, Ortiz and Haas to SD will be a nice change of pace for a brand that I already hardly watch.  Kendrick to Raw, sure, why not.  Why move Festus? Or why even waste a roster spot on Chavo anymore?

In the end, maybe I need to come up with more creative titles that fit in the top bar because apparently my article went unread. Maybe my next article should read:

Down Since Day One: Mail 2 Ringside Tickets to WM26 to Chris Browne, 120 Peach Court.....

We'll see if they read that one.