Does the NHL Really Care About Player Safety?

Ryan O'Leary@BR0LearyFeatured Columnist IMarch 13, 2013

If you saw the fight or even highlights of the fight between Frazer McLaren and David Dziurzynski, you know just how scary it was when Dziurzynski was knocked out cold in the bout.

Or, if you watch the Rangers and Flyers game where Marc Staal was hit in the eye with a puck, you know how lucky he is to have a positive prognosis.

And today, Anaheim Ducks star winger Corey Perry was handed a four-game suspension for his dangerous hit on Jason Zucker of the Wild (via, literally flying in the face of Rule 48.

It all begs one big question: Does the NHL really care about player safety? Or, are they just paying lip service to an ideal that most fans of the game would like to realize?

That question can be parsed further into debates over fighting, equipment rules and headshots, but really, it's the same debate regarding whether the league is doing enough to keep players safe. 

Find out what the NHL should do as Bleacher Report NHL Contributor Casey DeMarco and I debate fighting and player safety in this latest video.

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