WWE Supplemental Draft Moves Nearly 25 Superstars, Kennedy to RAW, and More

AkDSenior Writer IApril 15, 2009

1) Kennedy to RAW

After being out with plaguing injuries for a while, Kennedy returns to RAW again. Did he even have a match when he was on SD? I remember he promoted his behind the Enemy Lines WWE film, which he starred in.

RAW just wants to get beefed up huh? Talks can begin for Kennedy's return feud whether it's for the U.S. title or a world title, but the question is when will he return? The way I see it, it's one mic man for another...Kennedy will fill Jericho's void.


2) Shad to SD!

Brooklyn comes to SD! I think Shad will be better off than he was on RAW. He was barely getting any airtime and now that RAW's been beefed up, I don't think he'll be wrestling more either. Smackdown is getting some interesting picks and I'm intrigued to watch Smackdown this Friday. JTG should be joining him and SD! will be the new hom of Cryme Tyme


3) Alicia Fox to Smackdown

I haven't been following her since her "affair" with Edge when he cheated on Vickie. I know she went to ECW where she became dancing disco-like partners with DJ Gabriel..what the heck?

Was that Flashdance?

Well, her dancing days are over...well at least for now as she makes her was to Friday night Smackdown. Questions were raised about her reuniting with Edge...why? Hey, you never know...let see where this move leads Fox.


4) Primo Colon to RAW

RAW is going to just explode. Are they going to add the Colons to the roster as well? Unless Carlito gets drafted to RAW, this can be quite interesting. Carlito should be drafted along to RAW as well, WWE has killed enough tag teams in the last few years.


5) Mike Knox to SD!

What in the world? He's still around? Let me guess, he's going to continue his attacks on Rey Mysterio for no apparent reason huh? Rey's stalker returns, why does he always get stalked by the big guys? Smackdown has great talent, but I still have the feeling they're being bamboozled like a young teenager trying to purchase his first ride by himself at a car dealership.

I don't see Knox really doing anything, especially long term. I've heard of Knox vs Festus! Antone excited?! To me, he's a jobber at best. I could even stretch it a little...does anyone smell a snitsky?


6) Ezekiel Jackson to ECW

Brian Kendrick better shut his mouth now. His big diesel body guard is gone and he'll be in some trouble now. Could this be the break TKB needed? Let's see if he can regroup by himself on Smackdown.

Jackson on ECW is beefing up the roster. Mark Hnery, Koslov, Jackson...that's power. All these guys are and big muscled up, Evan Bourne better be careful, ECW is now the land of the powerhouses. Jackson will have no problem fitting in with the other T-rex-like monsters. Who will he lock horns with first?


7) Nikki Bella to RAW

That's the heel one? I believe it is. It would interesting to see her hook up with Miz again, maybe she can manage him. I'd think managing Miz would be best for the both of them for the time being. Miz will get that extra boost with him being the "chick magnet" and Nikki can hold out for a while and let Marsye settle down on Monday nights.


8) Candice Michelle to Smackdown

The Diva draft? Melina, Marsye, Fox, Bella, and now Candice. This move is much needed as Candice has lost her way in RAW, she was lost. With the new slew of drafts coming to RAW, Candice resurfacing was even closer to impossible. SD! should be a nice home for her and she can find her way in the ring again..haven't seen her compete in a while.


9) Zach Ryder to ECW

WHAT?! He's still around. Truth be told, I only followed him when he was an Edge head (not really). Well there's not much more to say about this guy. Will he get the Elijah Burke?


10) Chavo Guerrero to RAW


He's going to follow Vickie anyway. If Chavo doesn't get in the ring and continues to be Vickie's nurse, this will be more than a waste of a pick than I already think it is.


11) Ricky Ortiz to SD!

This one was a surprise. I haven't seen Ortiz in action really, but I guess now is the time for him to show the world what he's made of. Smackdown is getting some fresh faces. It's good to se that they aren't just getting guys who were on SD! before.

He's been lucky to get this opportunity, will he make the most of it? Unlike the land of extreme, they'll be more competition so regardless of Ortiz's game, he'll have to kick it up a notch or two on Friday nights.


12) Layla El to Smackdown

Like I said..this is the Diva draft. Layla El has been drafted to Smackdown. Things are picking up for Friday nights now. RAW is beefed up, but Smackdown looks like it'll give us more possibilities and matchups we haven't seen before.

Hopefully Regal stays behind, I want to see Layla wrestle on her own and show us what she really got instead of managing the 2008 King of The Ring winner.


13) Hornswoggle to RAW

My goodness another pick has been wasted. Is he going to give us a few laughs? He's not funny to me. The only upside (hope) is that Finlay dumps the Lucky Charms gimmick and returns to his "I love to fight" gimmick. This is ECW god dammit! We need some action, not parenting. Does this mean Finlay will be showing up on RAW for his son? Oh lord..


14) DH Smith to ECW

Well folks, there goes all of your Legacy dreams. It has been quite some time since he's been on WWE television. Could he team with Tyson Kidd? British Bulldog, and Owen Hart had a history. Tyson Kidd was trained in the Hart dungeon and DH Smith is son to the late great British Bulldog.

Those two guys have history surrounding them. If not teaming, could they face off? New Hart foundation? Might be getting ahead of myself. Smith seems to be the best pick ECW has selected this year.


15) John Morrison to Smackdown

I don't think ECW can take anymore blows.

Here you go, Morrison is on SD! I smiled while watching it as I knew he would be drafted. The only thing that bothered me were the people whining in the chat room about Miz on RAW and Morrison on SD! Will they ever be satisfied?

As for Morrison, I've said all there is to say about him and Miz...they both will benefit. Friday nights are looking a lot better and this pick has many optimistic.


16) Carlito Colon to RAW

I thought that Carlito and Primo would be separated and tag on WWE Superstars, but the Colons are back together on RAW. What could be in store for these guys? They better protect that gold because Legacy's Priceless is on RAW and they've already defeated the Colons in non-title action. That's great for priceless, but not so cool for them.


17) Natalya to ECW


My No. 1 Diva is gone to ECW! This could all be for the greater good, though. ECW has no other diva besides Katie Lee now that Alicia Fox is gone, but Natalya is with Tyson Kidd and DH Smith.

Could this mean the completion of the new Hart Foundation?

I say throw Regal down to ECW and have him tag with Paul Burchill and Katie Lee Burchill and form some sort of English faction and have those two duke it out down there. ECW may have some life after all.


18) Festus to RAW

My Goodness! What the heck was this? How is he going to fit on the now beefed up RAW? He's going to be jobbing in my opinion. You know what? I might even smell another Snitsky here.


19) JTG to Smackdown

All is right again in the WWE. Big Shad won't be wrestling alone on Friday nights now that JTG in on Smackdown with him. I just want one thing in the whole wide world...a stable with R-Truth! Now that's "WHAT'S UP!" Money, money and the truth? That could be big for all three of them.


20) Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown

Smackdown was on a roll, but I'm not so sure about Ziggler, he may have stopped the steam. Ziggler is lucky to have been drafted because he was sure to have gotten lost in RAW. Many as well as myself suspected ECW, but Ziggler will eb introducing himself on Friday nights forom now on.


21) Brian Kendrick to RAW

MVP better watch his U.S. title belt. Not only is Kennedy and Miz lurking, but so is Brian Kendrick. TKB should finally get some shine that he needs to get on Monday nights. No more Zeke, just TBK and his high flying-like skills. How long will it be before her serves up some sliced bread?


22) Charlie Hass to Smackdown

Stop the imitation of other wrestlers and throw Haas back into the ring! My mind is full of ideas right now and I'm excited. Is this the return of the World Greatest Tag Team? Will they feud against Cryme Tyme? I already have a six man tag ready. Shelton, Haas, and Morrison vs Cryme Tyme and R-Truth..Smackdown has me really optimistic.


23) Gregory Helms to ECW

Is the land of Extreme trying to rebuild the cruiserweight division? He'll be locking horns with Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne, DH Smith and so on. Only time will tell if Helms will make his mark in ECW. Evan "AIR" Bourne vs a Hurricane? Natural disasters strike... Stand back! There's a hurricane coming through!


24) Brie Bella to RAW

With Miz and Morrison broken up..will the Bella twins reunite? The Colons are on RAW as well, will something happen? The Bellas could continue to fight or look to make their mark in the women's division. Marsye and Mickie James are tough competitors along with Beth Phoenix, so the Bellas will have to toughen up some.


Final Thoughts

  • ECW shows signs of life though they lost Miz and Morrison. Christian isn't going anywhere.
  • RAW is still beefed up and has both world champs still. It'll be interesting to see who makes their mark and who gets lost in the stiff competition pool.
  • Smackdown is definitely the most exciting and offers the most possibilities in my opinion, lets see what happens on Friday nights.


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