WWE Supplemental: Kennedy to Raw, Morrison to SD, and ECW Rebuilds in 2009

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 15, 2009

2009 Supplemental Draft:

1. Raw: Mr. Kennedy—Could work out in the long run if he can stay healthy. I am so happy to see him back on Raw.

2. SD: Shad Gaspard—Could be good for a IC Title run, so much for title run with JTG on SmackDown

3. SD: Alicia Fox—Edge, looks who's back.

4. Raw: Primo—Well, finding out the team is back together is a look in some direction.

5. SD: Mike Knox—Could have a great run on SmackDown.

6. ECW: Ezekiel Jackson—Possibly the ECW champion of the future and Tag Team No. 3 (1. Hardy boys, 2. Miz and Morrison).

7. Raw: Nikki Bella—The better twin on the best show and Tag Team No. 4.

8. SD: Candice Michelle—Can she win back her title on her show, SmackDown?

9. ECW: Zack Ryder—Tag Team No. 5.

10. Raw: Chavo Guerrero—Vickie. That was an easy one to understand.

11. SD: Ricky Ortiz—A jobber for SmackDown.

12. SD: Layla—Wow, great pick. NOT!

13. Raw: Hornswoggle—Tag Team No. 6.

14. ECW: DH Smith—Hart Foundation V2. Could look great on ECW.

15. SD: John Morrison—Steal of the Draft so far for SmackDown.

16. Raw: Carlito—This means the champs are back together.

17. ECW: Natalya—Putting together Hart Foundation V2 is looking better with her as manager.

18. Raw: Festus—Wow. How is this going to work. Tag Team No. 7?

19. SmackDown: JTG—OK, they're back together. Wow, a good team!

20. SD: Dolph Ziggler—Just imagine him saying, "Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler" to Undertaker.

21. Raw: The Brain Kendrick—Should be a good addition to the Raw roster. I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen with him.

22. SD: Charlie Haas—Could we see the return of World Greatest Tag Team? I hope so. They both need it. Can you say "Third time's a charm"?

23. ECW: Hurricane Helms—Great pick for ECW. I feel like ECW is rebuilding here with superstars like Helms that will get the chance to shine.

24. Brie Bella—Really, the last pick. Really.

Raw best pick: Mr. Kennedy

ECW best pick: Ezikel Jackson

SD best pick: John Morrison

Who won the supplemental draft in your eyes? My money is on Raw.