WWE Draft: Top Five Moves

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IApril 15, 2009

As you all know, the WWE Draft took place on Monday Night Raw.

Even though most of us here already knew who was going where, it was still an entertaining show, with lots of good moves. Raw, SmackDown and even ECW benefited from the Draft.

Anyway, here are the top five moves/picks/drafts that happened. Now, this isn't just based on how I like it, it's also based on how good they actually are and they're potential on the brand.

5. Vladmir Kozlov to ECW

Now, Vladmir may not be everyone's favourite superstar, but hate him or not, you know he can do good things for ECW. Kozlov obviously can fit into ECW well. He started out on SmackDown, but I guess the fans didn't accept him yet, so looks like ECW is taking him.

Until the fans really learn to accept him he won't be as big as he wants to be or as Vince wants him to be. So I think it was a smart move to move him to ECW have the fans "boooo" him a bit more until they get tired of it, and then when the time comes get him on Raw where he can unlock his full potential.

Kozlov is also has great ECW championship potential, which is yet another good reason to have him go to ECW. Anyway, for those reasons, Kozlov to ECW was the fifth best move.

4. Rey Mysterio to SmackDown

Rey returns home. Many predicted this already, but it was still a good move.

Rey's best years were on SmackDown without a doubt. Rey struggled on Raw, only winning an IT championship, and getting into pointless feuds with Knox and Kane. Now as he makes his way back to SmackDown, Rey can expect better things. Returning to SmackDown as the ITC will do good things for him. Maybe after he loses the title he will once again be main event material. Anyway, Rey comes in fourth.

3. CM Punk to SmackDown

I did not see this coming. When I saw this, I was kind of pissed that Raw was losing one of their most entertaining stars (in my opinion). CM Punk did amazing things on Raw, which included winning a World Heavyweight championship, an ITC championship, and winning the tag titles.

Now going to SmackDown, he can do the same thing all over again, except instead of doing it once, he can do it numerous times. So CM Punk is No. 3.

2. Jericho to SmackDown

Without a doubt, in my opinion, SmackDown's best pickup. Chris Jericho is now part of Friday Nights.

Recently, Jericho has been playing his role of a heel to perfection! Chris Jericho is one of the best in the business and now SmackDown gets to experience his talent. I personally would love to see him and Edge make an alliance and destroy all of SmackDown (just joking).

But seriously, to see the two Canadiens team up would be amazing.

Jericho could be the ITC champion while Edge is the World champion. Or instead of them teaming up, they could start a great rivalry, too. Anyway, Jericho is going to do great things on SmackDown. Because of that, he's No. 2.

1. Triple H to Raw

Well, he is the only Raw person on this list for a reason. The Game's true home has always been Raw. Another reason this is great is because he and Orton can leave their rivalry strictly on Raw. I personally didn't like them doing it on two shows, so now they can continue and finish it there. I also consider this the best pick because he and Batista can start a great tag team again, which is ended by Batista betraying him.

Anyway, in my opinion, this is my pick for the best move.