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Debate: Will Pau's Return Help or Hurt the Lakers?

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Debate: Will Pau's Return Help or Hurt the Lakers?
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Pau Gasol is nearing a return to the Lakers' lineup. Will he help or hurt the Lakers as they continue their playoff push?


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It should help. If the Lakers play through their bigs as they have been recently then it will, as long as Gasol gets his touches in the post and not a...
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As long as he comes off the bench and gradually finds rhythm in the offense. He's worth keeping in my view (outside a high quality trade) and to those...
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Pau being available will help unquestionably, what may not help is Mike D'Antoni's dealing of the situation. Defensively there is more stability and w...
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Gasol kicked off this winning by the Lakers when D12 was out due to his shoulder injury. Some Laker fans have extremely short memories SMH
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It will help only if pau takes a bench role just like a'mare stoudemire with the knicks. Not only will it help the bench, it will also give pau the ch...
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