Spring Breakers Yell 'Roll Tide!' While Being Arrested in Florida

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 13, 2013

Some kids get arrested and cry for their mothers. Others threaten to call their dad, who knows the District Attorney.

And then there are some who just yell “Roll Tide!”

Thirty-two spring breakers on vacation in Miramar, FL were busted by police Tuesday for underage drinking and destruction of property. 

Multiple complaints from neighbors led police to a multimillion-dollar home that was in the process of literally being “turned out” by nearly 100 college-aged partiers. 

Police found pizza under beds, beer all over everything and presumably Otis Day and the Knights performing in the basement (unconfirmed).

According to police, so many partiers tried to flee out the back door when officers arrived on the scene that people evidently were wedged in the door frame. Those caught by the police were bound and shackled at the wrists and feet and taken to jail, but not before a local camera crew showed up and documented the ridiculous scene. 

“This is a joke! Officer, this is a joke! Did you not drink when you were a kid?” asked one party-goer in chains.  

And when news reporter Bryan Anderson—the irreproachable white knight that he is—asked several smiling party-goers in custody if they thought it was funny to be arrested, they smiled sheepishly and responded “Roll tide!”  

But considering the University of Alabama doesn’t begin their spring break until March 22, we’ll have to assume these drunk kids were just using their unfortunate circumstances to run a negative publicity stunt on ‘Bama. 

Or a very funny one.

H/T and a cheers to lostlettermen.com.


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