WrestleMania XXIX: Updated Plans for Kane and Daniel Bryan

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIMarch 13, 2013

Source: WWE.com
Source: WWE.com

Disclaimer: SmackDown spoilers below.

It appears as though WWE is putting Team Hell No's inevitable breakup on hold.

PWInsider (via wrestlinginc.com) reports that the creative team will likely be working toward a WrestleMania match that will see Team Hell No take on Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston.

"On Monday, WWE officials discussed having Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 29. This is why Langston attacked Daniel Bryan. By what happened at the SmackDown tapings last night, it looks like they are moving forward with this plan."

Many expected the duo of Daniel Bryan and Kane to split up and face each other at the Showcase of Immortals.

Last week, however, rumors circulated that Team Hell No will in fact defend their titles at WrestleMania.

Prior to this Monday, it seemed like Team Rhodes Scholars or The Prime Time Players would be the ones to take the gold off the dysfunctional duo.

However, Bryan was beaten by Ziggler on Raw and attacked by Langston after the match, an obvious starting point of a feud of some sort.

A similar fate will befall Kane on this Friday's episode of SmackDown, and with this report it seems all but confirmed that Team Hell No will face the team of Ziggler and Langston at The Show of Shows.

One interesting question is: Where does this leave Ziggler in the world championship picture?

It seems like a strong possibility that The Show Off will cash in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania.

After all, many briefcase holders have claimed that they'll do so at WrestleMania, and for the first time WWE finds itself with a Superstar actually holding the briefcase during 'Mania season.

Is it possible that Ziggler will win two championships in one night, or will he leave New Jersey with no gold?

Either way, good things are bound to happen anytime Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler share the same ring, and it will be interesting to see Langston finally wrestle.

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