The Biggest Free Agency Busts in New Orleans Saints Team History

Will OsgoodAnalyst IMarch 13, 2013

The Biggest Free Agency Busts in New Orleans Saints Team History

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    With the free-agency period having commenced on Tuesday, it is time to take a quick look back to look at some of the teams' worst free-agent signings. Interestingly, many of them will come from the Sean Payton-Mickey Loomis era. 

    It's odd since the regime has built its roster primarily via free agency. But it has had some duds for sure. Let's take a look. 

5. Kevin Kaesviharn

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    Kevin Kaesviharn played just two seasons in New Orleans. His second season wasn't actually half bad statistically. 

    His first was horrible, though, as he netted just 36 tackles in 16 games. In that first season, 2007, he had eight passes defensed. And that's about it. 

    At least in 2008, Kaesviharn had two interceptions. It wasn't enough, though. Kaesviharn's New Orleans' tenure was quite the disappointment. 

4. Heath Shuler

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    No list of this variety would be complete without a little blast from the past. Despite my assertion that the New Orleans Saints are pretty much a brand new organization since 2006, history remains. 

    In that vein, Heath Shuler and his seven-year, $19.5 million deal causes a few brows to be raised, doesn't it? That Shuler played only one year for New Orleans only makes this deal that much worse. 

    Of the pre-2006, free-agent busts, Shuler is clearly the most egregious. Only my preoccupation with recent history keeps Shuler from the top spot on this list. 

3. Aubrayo Franklin

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    Aubrayo Franlin's career in New Orleans lasted about as long as a Taylor Swift concert, which goes on and on for about two hours. 

    Most likely Swift's breakups are more surprising than the one that ensued between Franklin and the Saints after the 2011 regular season. In other words, it was obvious as all get out. 

    Franklin was clearly not a fit in the Saints' 4-3 defensive scheme. It also appeared his age and injuries caught up to him as a Saint. 

2. Shaun Rogers

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    Shaun Rogers was signed prior to the 2011 NFL lockout after being waived by the Cleveland Browns after the 2010 regular season. The Saints weren't expecting a ton. They were hoping for a player who could start and be productive alongside Sedrick Eliis. 

    The team received neither production nor stardom. In fact, it received mostly a giant dud. Rogers showed minimal improvement over the course of the 2011 campaign, but never enough to warrant consideration for not being included on this list. 

1. Jason David

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    Jason David's tenure as a member of the New Orleans Saints got off to a fast start—in the wrong direction. He was routinely burned by his former team, the Indianapolis Colts, for long touchdowns. 

    Not much of David's tenure went right after that. David was regularly the target of opposing quarterbacks' passes. He also was, and still is, the butt of many jokes in New Orleans. 

    Considering he was a restricted free-agent, non-tender for Indianapolis, David's lore as a horrible Saints free-agent signing tops the charts.