NFL Free Agents Who Don't Deserve a Second Chance

Jeremy Sickel@ IIIMarch 13, 2013

NFL Free Agents Who Don't Deserve a Second Chance

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    The new league year has begun in the NFL for the 2013 season, kicking off on Tuesday afternoon with a flurry of activity.

    Whether free-agent signings, trades, roster cuts or the restructuring of contracts, all eyes will be on the NFL leading up to April's draft. While some moves are expected, others will come out of left field and leave many scratching their heads.

    Beyond those certain puzzling moves are ones that just shouldn't happen at all, as some players have reached a point in their careers that should alert teams to "STAY AWAY!"

    Here are a few players who shouldn't get a second chance—or in some cases, a third.

Vince Young, Quarterback

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    The third pick in the 2006 NFL draft, Vince Young's career got off to a strong start for the Tennessee Titans—the quarterback led his team to a 17-11 record in his first two seasons.

    Injuries set in early on and prevented Young from maintaining a consistent presence on the field, however.

    While possibly on his way to his most successful season in 2010, Young's attitude began to sour with then head coach, Jeff Fisher, and the Titans released him prior to the 2011 season.

    Young was then signed by Philadelphia and labeled the Eagles "The Dream Team."

    He played in six games that season, but it was apparent Young's career was quickly spiraling downward. The quarterback led the Eagles to a 1-2 record, completing fewer than 58 percent of his passes for 866 yards, four touchdowns and nine interceptions.

    The former Pro Bowler signed with the Buffalo Bills in May of 2012, but he was released just three months later.

    Young's financial troubles are well-documented and he has recently sent a letter to Fisher wanting to apologize for their past troubles.

    Turning 30 in May, he certainly has an uphill climb in his return to the NFL. With plenty of young talent eager to have their names attached to the league, teams would do well to not be fooled by Young's recent enthusiasm for football again.

JaMarcus Russell, Quarterback

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    JaMarcus Russell is on the comeback trail and is being mentored by former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia (via CBS Sports).

    Known as one of the biggest busts in league history, Russell's career never took off after bursting on to the scene and being drafted No. 1 overall by the Oakland Raiders back in 2007.

    If there was ever a player that took the money and ran with it, Russell is that guy. His rookie contract included $31.5 million in guaranteed money, but he was out of the league after just three seasons.

    Though it seems that Russell is taking a learner's approach to the game this time around, his progress is off to a rather slow start (via Pro Football Talk, per Bleacher Report). It will take a drastic improvement at this point for any NFL team to take a chance on him.

Titus Young, Wide Receiver

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    The chronicles of Titus Young are well-documented, dating back to his days as a Boise State Bronco. Here is a timeline of the issues he has had in college and with the Detroit Lions early in his young football career.

    While just 23 years old, it would seem that Young still has a useful career ahead of him—especially when considering his production in just 26 games in the NFL (81 catches for 990 yards and 10 touchdowns).

    However, just nine days after being claimed off waivers from the Lions, the St. Louis Rams released the troubled wide receiver—citing that bringing him in was simply to prevent other teams from a claim so that the they could lengthen the interview process (via the St. Louis Post Dispatch).

    Though it may be assumed that another team will take a chance on such a young talent at a skill position, one has to be wary of a player who has had trouble at every one of his destinations.

Peyton Hillis, Running Back

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    Since his coming-out party in 2010, when he rushed for 1,177 yards and 11 touchdowns, Peyton Hillis has seen a sharp decline in production.

    Hillis was never able to snag the big contract that served as a distraction with the Cleveland Browns in 2011 (via Pro Football Talk), and his one season with the Kansas City Chiefs only added proof that his peak just two years earlier was a fluke.

    Though Hillis is being courted by the Green Bay Packers (via ESPN's Adam Schefter), one has to wonder just what his role in the NFL will be moving forward.

    It seems that his days of cashing in on a hefty contract are numbered, however. Hillis is nothing more than a nominal role player at this point in his career.

Brady Quinn, Quarterback

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    Though Brady Quinn could still land on his feet with the New York Jets next season (via ESPN), the quarterback has given no indication that he can provide any team in the NFL with a chance of hope with him under center.

    In 24 career games (20 starts), Quinn has completed fewer than 54 percent of his passes for 3,043 yards, 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

    Taken 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2007 draft, Quinn came into the NFL as a well-regarded quarterback prospect. The hope of that ever happening is now gone, though he is just 28 years old.

    Even Quinn's days as a second-stringer seem bleak—last season's eight-start tryout (10 total games) with the Kansas City Chiefs provided the league with a large enough sample size to steer clear.

    Rather than throw more cash than need be at Quinn, teams would be better off signing or drafting a much younger quarterback to compete for a roster spot.


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