3 Fighters to Follow on Twitter

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIMarch 13, 2013

3 Fighters to Follow on Twitter

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    Twitter has revolutionized the way people communicate.

    In 140 characters or less, they are able to give their own opinion, post photos or videos and much more.

    Athletes have embraced the power to tweet as well. Many of them now have Twitter accounts and use it to promote themselves, their teams and connect with their fans.

    UFC fighters are no different.

    They post their thoughts and feelings, and many of them interact directly with their supporters and critics.

    Some of the men under contract with Zuffa have taken to Twitter quickly and have become icons in the sport of MMA.

    Here are three examples of men who tweet nothing but solid gold.

Dan Hardy

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    Twitter account: @danhardymma


    The brash welterweight is as entertaining in the cage as he is out of it.

    Hardy has been able to interact with fans, and every now and then he drops a funny line or two.

    One example highlights how we all sometimes feel on the road:

    Imagine how much less stressful your day would be if everyone that has a drivers license could actually drive... #PayAttention

    — Dan Hardy (@danhardymma) March 1, 2013

    Here's another for all the Star Wars fans out there:

    With all of these exoplanets being discovered, don't you think we should name some after the planets in Star Wars?

    — Dan Hardy (@danhardymma) February 21, 2013

    Hardy is a worthy follow for any MMA fan on Twitter.

Pat Barry

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    Twitter account: @HypeorDie


    Pat Barry is, quite simply, one of the funniest fighters on the UFC roster.

    His Twitter account echoes his love for a good joke or a funny video. He isn't afraid to tell you his opinion and will always be honest and forthcoming.

    A perfect illustration of this is his tweet about his Las Vegas airport experience:


    — Pat Barry (@HypeOrDie) February 3, 2013

    In addition to posting hilarious messages, funny videos are also common on his homepage.

    When he drove through his first blizzard, you can bet there was a dance celebration video uploaded shortly after.

    Plus, he always types with caps lock on. How could you not follow a guy like that?

Chael Sonnen

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    Twitter account: @sonnench


    The king of trash talk needed to have a place on this list.

    Sonnen is arguably the best fight promoter in the entire business. His quick wit and sharp tongue have led him to many interview highlights.

    Thankfully, Sonnen's wittiness also translates perfectly to his Twitter account.

    A memorable war of words with "Rampage" Jackson lead to this hilarious tweet:

    ***NEWSFLASH***!!!Quentin Jackson refuses fight w/cardboard "standee" of Uriah Faber at MMA memorabilia store; cites "Fear of Paper Cuts".

    — chael sonnen (@sonnench) December 8, 2012

    There was also the recent set of messages about an unnamed journalist who called down the wrath of Sonnen:

    You're sitting there in the dark praying to whatever false God that fake journalists pray to hoping I won't name you....

    — chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013

    And the continuation:

    But your prayers are wasted, and your god is as false as your credentials. I WILL name you.when I am ready. Sleep soundly. Or something....

    — chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013

    Constantly keeping you on your toes, Chael Sonnen is one follow that will keep you coming back.


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