GSP vs Diaz UFC 158 Preview & Predictions

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowMarch 12, 2013

UFC 158 is just days away, and The Ultimate Show is back to give you a full preview and prediction of the big event.

Jeremy Botter breaks down what to expect from the three marquee welterweight bouts, and he's not shy about predicting a winner.

Nate Marquardt and Jake Ellenberger may not be the biggest fight of the weekend, but Botter expects it to be a good one. Ellenberger is the favorite to come away victorious, but you'll have to tune in for the expert pick.

Johny Hendrix and Carlos Condit lead the way for the fight everyone is talking about: George St.-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz.

Diaz has gotten under St.-Pierre's skin recently, and GSP plans to do something about it at UFC 158. Botter examines GSP's methodology for success and makes his pick for the winner of the main event.

Be sure to stick around for all the action in this championship segment of The Ultimate Show.