The Most Underwhelming Celebrations in Sports

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIMarch 14, 2013

The Most Underwhelming Celebrations in Sports

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    Athletes celebrate. Think end-zone dances, high-fives and back flips.

    Teams celebrate. Visualize group hugs, glimmering trophies hoisted over heads and coaches drenched in Gatorade.

    Fans celebrate. Imagine crowds storming the field, parades and victory riots.

    Often, the celebrations are creative and energetic, making the win even more savory. They are the gravy on a plate of victory.

    But at other times, celebrations fizzle. Perhaps because the win was a Pyrrhic one. Or a meaningless one in terms of playoff berths. Or brought in a silver and not a gold. Or because the crowd was too thin. Or maybe the celebrator was just trying too hard.

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15. Crowd Surfer Doesn't Catch the Wave

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    The hero of the game, the kicker who made the winning field goal, rushes to join the hug-fest. Visions of being hoisted up and paraded around dance through his mind. 

    He runs faster. Panting. Delirious with the hero worship that will be soon directed at him... he picks turf out from his teeth?

14. Senior Night at Indiana

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    The final buzzer sounds. The Hoosiers are guaranteed a piece of that Big Ten title. Woo-hoo! Party time at Indiana. Let's cut those nets down.

    In a gym sparsely populated with grim-faced players and a few sullen onlookers?

    See, the Hoosiers' crown-clinching had happened previously by means of other contenders losing games. A win on this particular night, which was very much expected, would have brought the Hoosiers their first outright Big Ten title in 20 years. Instead, they had to settle for a tie, and their No. 1 seed was put in serious jeopardy.

    Indiana coach Tom Crean said, "This is the epitome of bittersweet. We're trying to celebrate what these guys have earned, and at the same time we didn't earn it tonight. …"

13. Cartwheeling

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    A cartwheel. Whoop-dee-do. Most of us could do those in the fourth grade. Bland. Uncreative. Blah!

    But hold that thought, because that celebration in this context is genius.

12. Dan Rogers Second Place Win Party

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    Just look at the heroic driver swarmed by admirers as he exits his vehicle (0:26). And immediately after, listen to the overjoyed congratulations of his teammate. The impassioned high-fives, hugs. 

    Jeez, the BMW Rogers drove to this second-place win is capable of more emotion than the BimmerWorld team.

11. This T-Shirt

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    We all know what the fine print at the bottom must say.

10. Duck, Duck, Fwoooooosh!

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    The joy of a TD celebration is in its spontaneity, its passion, its exuberance. This choreographed stunt takes way too long and is way too cutesy. It leaves onlookers with that same uncomfortable feeling one gets when a person explains his own joke.

    The lame celebration instigator seen here is Terrence Edwards of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

9. Jubilance in Beijing

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    Note the juxtaposition between what the Reuters newscaster says and what the video shows at

    0:13. "People are rejoicing..."

    Really? By gently bobbing up and down in a public pool?

    Or how about this one at 1:02: "Fans will be watching closely..." As they stand around in swim trunks scratching their back fat?

    And you gotta love the anemic celebratory Go Team China fist pump by the girl in the red bikini at (0:47).

8. Jayhawks Squawk

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    Hey, it's not that these athletes don't have spirit. They are really trying. But it's hard to rally the masses when you've come in second. And when your chants aren't very catchy. And when the trophy, for some inexplicable reason, is on the floor so that everyone has to hunch over or miss out being on camera. 

7. Louis Oosthuizen and Caddy High-Zero

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    A double eagle from 260 yards out? Do a dance, Louis. Sing a ditty. Pump that fist.

    No? You're just going to go with the old high-five? Well then at least make contact! 

6. Gatorade vs. Coach

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    In March 2013, the North Platte Community College Lady Knights beat the Dakota College at Bottineau Ladyjacks, winning the Division II District F and advancing to the national tournament.

    A cause for celebration. A time to show coach Richard Thurin how much he is appreciated. 

    Notes to Lady Knights: (1) Sugary sports beverage + turf = not slippery. (2) Sugary sports beverage + high polished maple wood planks = slippery.

5. This Trophy

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    Proudly and prominently displayed on the recipient's mantle, you can be sure.

4. Jimmie Johnson Wins 2013 Daytona 500

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    In the words of one fan, the 2013 Daytona 500 was a "nap inducing, 195 mph parade that resembled ball bearings spinning around inside a big salad bowl."

    There was very little passing. No big surprises. Not even a Danica tantrum to enjoy. Jimmy's win is announced about the 4:30 mark in the video. A smattering of cheers. Then fans begin to leave.

    To go home and watch paint dry for some excitement.

3. Timothy Bradley's Homecoming

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    On June 9, 2012, Timothy Bradley made sports history by defeating the seeming unstoppable Pac Man. The video here shows his hero's welcome as he returns to his hometown.

    The fact that the win by decision was so unpopular and controversial, and that Bradley met his fans in a wheelchair (he'd injured both feet in the fight) and that so many bored children were present (0:28)... kill.

2. This Is What I Think of Second Place...

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    Apparently, Iowa wrestler Matt McDonough didn't much feel like celebrating his second-place finish at the Big Ten Tournament.  

    His medal was found in the trash.

1. Badwater Finish Line

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    See Scott run. See him run through scalding Death Valley and up the base of towering Mt. Whitney. See him run 135 miles non-stop. See him win (for the second time) one of the most grueling races on the planet and cement his reputation as the greatest distance runner of his generation.

    See the 37 or so people at the finish line to cheer him on.