Fandango's Gimmick Could Potentially Ruin His Career

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMarch 13, 2013

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Fandango’s dancer gimmick could potentially ruin his career, and it won’t be pretty.

Fandango (pronounced “FANNN…DANNNNN…GOOO”) made his first live appearance during an Old-School Raw episode.  He was set to face Kofi Kingston in a singles match. His ego stepped in when Justin Roberts didn’t pronounce his name right and refused to enter the ring.

Fandango did it again in SmackDown, when announcer Lilian Garcia didn’t say his name right. This past Monday saw Fandango refusing to enter again.  Only this time, he didn’t like the way Tensai pronounced his name. He didn’t fight Tensai and left again.

The stalling tactics are fine as a means to generate heat from the crowd. Imagine expecting a debut from a new Superstar only to witness a no-show at the event.  The tactic robs fans of their expectations, creating frenzy as well as teasing them for an impending debut.

The problem doesn’t lie in the heel tactics.  It lies in the gimmick itself.

Johnny Curtis, now Fandango, adopted the dancer gimmick. His vignettes portray him as a dancing playboy, subtly mocking Dancing With The Stars.

His ring entry features him accompanied by a female dancing partner where they commence to tango. The performance again stalls his entrance to the ring.

The real question about Fandango’s gimmick is longevity.  How long will Fandango’s gimmick last? Apparently, it might change sooner than we think.

According to (via Wrestlezone), WWE officials supposedly have lost interest in the character.  Truthfully, Fandango’s “never debuting” angle might lead to him never debuting at all.

If that’s the case, the WWE creating more vignettes would be useless and a waste of time.

Why do this for a guy who hasn’t been established yet?  This may be a rumor, but there’s a strong possibility it could happen.

Curtis won NXT Season 4, back when it was a tournament to win a contract. The WWE must see something in him.  Otherwise they wouldn’t have repackaged him in a pointless scenario.

If the WWE’s plans for him are true, Fandango’s wrestling stock will fall. He needs his chance. Even though some would argue Fandango isn’t it, he’s getting TV time.

Fandango needs to stay and get his fair shot. Let’s see how successful Curtis will be using this character.  Frankly, if it fails, scrap it.  Give him a chance and let’s see if he sinks or swims.