Breaking News: Brawn GP Have Been Declared Legal by the FIA

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Breaking News: Brawn GP Have Been Declared Legal by the FIA
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

The diffuser designs used by Brawn GP, Toyota, and Williams have now, finally, been declared legal, according to What a massive relief!

The ICA's decision may well have negatively affected the teams that did not pursue the diffuser design, but for we Brawn fanatics the news is fantastic. Just to clarify, then: the FIA think it is fine to create a better car than Ferrari...even if Ferrari complain! 

Apparently (reading and watching the video link on, the row over the diffusers led to intense confrontation between Ross Brawn, Ferrari, and Renault.

I must say, I know Ross didn’t want to comment on the BBC video, but he looked rather hurt. I can only guess that Ferrari’s comments were very harsh, which Ross would have found difficult (given his red history). 

I don’t quite know what else to say, further details of the appeal will be released next week. For now all there is left to do is celebrate and look forward to two weekends of hopefully exciting racing.

I think most of us are fed up of Paris appeals; let's hope the rest of this season's disputes take place on the black stuff!

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