Freak Double Knockout Ends Match in a Tie at MMA Fight

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 12, 2013

Double fatality—definitely not a flawless victory.

MMA fighters Aaron Britt and Brandon Alexander’s managed to do the nearly impossible on Monday night by ending a cage match in a tie. Not something that happens often.

But then again, wild instantaneous double-knockouts aren’t exactly a dime a dozen these days either.

The fighters faced off in a bout in California, with Alexander in blue and Britt in red. The typical pre-match fanfare of yelling and pump-up fighter introductions followed, and the match began. 

Several jabs and hooks were thrown, but 14 seconds into the match, well, something crazy happened.

Alexander delivers a leg whip, Britt blocks and both fighters step in to deliver a light-switching right hook. Their fists land on jaw at almost the exact same instant and both fighters crumple to the mat simultaneously. 

The crowd doesn’t know what just happened, only that it was awesome. The judges seem equally confused about what to do, and after some deliberation they rule the match a draw.

Flip forward to the 3:58 mark and you can hear the increasingly annoying announcer scream “DOUBLE KNOCKDOWN... Rematch, June.”

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