Ranking RG3 Among Greatest Washington Redskins QBs of All Time

Dilan Ames@@DilanAmesNFLCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2013

Ranking RG3 Among Greatest Washington Redskins QBs of All Time

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    Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is one of the leaders of the new generation of revolutionary read-option passers. 

    In just one season, RG3 has shown the elite ability that made him a participant in the Olympic trials. Through a rare combination of speed and arm strength, Griffin III has helped to turn the tides of the Redskins

    Right now, the future is certainly promising. But, with RG3 coming off of an ACL injury, it is imperative that fans temper their hopes. 

    Despite the uncertain future of the former Heisman winner, he has definitely made his mark on the Redskins’ franchise in just one season. Among the handful of legendary quarterbacks that have worn the burgundy and gold, Griffin measures up pretty well. 

    Although we only have one season with which we can compare the young gun to the legends, there is surely an argument that could be made for Griffin to be in the top five all-time. 

5. Mark Rypien

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    Years with Redskins: 1988-1993

    Total Passing Yards: 18,473

    Record with Redskins: 45-27

    Mark Rypien is one of the more solid quarterbacks in Redskins' history. He won Super Bowl MVP with the Redskins in 1991 and was also elected to two pro bowls. 

    Rypien led the Redskins to three consecutive playoff berths between 1990 and 1992. His touchdown-interception ratio with the Redskins is 101-75 (+26). 

    His time with the Redskins was pretty fruitful until a miserable 1993 season where he was 3-9 as a starter with four touchdowns and six interceptions. Rypien will probably never be considered an important legend to the Redskins, although his career was definitely pretty good.

4. Robert Griffin III

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    Years with Redskins: 2012-Present

    Total Passing Yards: 3,200

    Record with Redskins: 9-6 

    Washington’s blockbuster trade with the St. Louis Rams last year has certainly payed dividends for the burgundy and gold. RG3 was one of the league’s most electric players last year–when he was healthy. 

    He broke the rookie record for most rushing yards by a quarterback and as well as several other team records (longest run by QB in team history amongst others). 

    Many people probably think that this is way too high for a guy who’s only had one season in the NFL and didn’t even play a whole season.

    RG3’s ranking on this list is more based on what he showed in his first season in relation to the stats of Redskins past. Not only that, but it shows the level of ability that he has and how it affects his potential to be one of the best all-time.

    If you put Griffin III’s projected stats next to the stats that the other players on this list have put up, the numbers are pretty comparable. 

    If RG3 played for the Skins as long as Rypien did, he would’ve projected 19,800 yards–almost 1,500 yards more than Rypien. If he played for as long as the next man on this list (12 years) he would have projected 38,400 yards. 

    So, what puts him behind the third-best Redskins quarterback of all-time? It’s not so much what RG3 hasn’t done, as opposed to what No. 3 did do. 

3. Joe Theismann

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    Years with Redskins: 1974-1985

    Total Passing Yards: 25,206

    Record with Redskins: 77-47 

    Joe Theismann is one of the most decorated Redskins quarterbacks of all time. 

    He has enjoyed two Super Bowl appearances (one championship), as well as two pro bowls. He was also a first team all-pro in 1983. 

    Theismann is also the Redskins’ career leader in passing yards and wins as a starter. With a career that was ended early due to an untimely, gruesome injury, there is much more that Theismann could have achieved in the NFL. 

    But, he still had a stellar career during the time that he did play. 

2. Sonny Jurgensen

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    Years with Redskins: 1964-1974

    Total Passing Yards: 22,585

    Record with Redskins: 52-51-5 

    Sonny Jurgensen is on this list for several reasons, but the main one is that he played well when he was surrounded with a not-so-good team. 

    Jurgensen was a four-time pro bowler and a two-time all-pro (1961 and 1969). Although he never won a Super Bowl, Jurgensen was still a star player for the Redskins for many years. 

    He threw 179 touchdowns and 116 interceptions in his time with the Redskins and was one of the lone bright spots for Washington during the 1960s and 1970s. 

    To Jurgensen’s credit, he also led arguably the best comeback in Redskins' history in 1966 against Dallas. Washington came back to win 34-31 after being down 21-0. 

    Jurgensen is second all-time for the Redskins in passing yards and touchdowns and was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1983.

1. Slingin' Sammy Baugh

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    Years with Redskins: 1937-1952

    Total Passing Yards: 21,886

    Record with Redskins: 108-73-6 

    Slingin’ Sammy Baugh is easily the best Redskins quarterback of all time. 

    Baugh played three positions for the most part (quarterback, running back, punter) but really made his mark at the quarterback position. 

    Baugh played in a time where offensive game plans were dominated by the run, and he revolutionized the game with the forward pass. 

    He was a six-time all-pro and appeared in four championship games (two wins). He is at the top of the list for career passing touchdowns (187) in Redskins’ history and was inducted into the very first NFL Hall of Fame class in 1963. 

    He is not only a Redskins legend, but is also one of the NFL’s very best all-time.