In the News: 4/15

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IApril 14, 2009

Tuesday’s Game: Reds 6 — Brewers 1
Record: 2-6, 5th Place

Tuesday’s Game:

- Once again, the Brewers can’t hit the ball out of the park or with runners in scoring position and they fall again, at home nonetheless.

- Positives: Except for Carlos Villa, the pitchers did quite a nice job keeping the team in the game. J.J Hardy is hopefully warming up.

- Negatives: The Brewers can’t get a clutch hit. They gave up more runs again at the end of the game, making it seem hopeless to overcome a deficit. Only four hits against Bronson Arroyo, and more walks? Are you serious?

Brewers News

- WTMJ has some stats that won’t make you feel any better about the team one week in.

- Suppan is having his next start pushed back to Sunday. My guess is that Macha hopes that the Mets throw out a lazy Sunday lineup like Yost used to.

- Good interview with Garth Iorg. I didn’t realize he could be so interesting.

- Junkball Blues: The Brewers are giving away more home runs than they are taking and striking out more at the plate than the pitchers are striking out the other team.

- Still miffed about the weekend series? This video might help just a smidgen. Watching them freeze at their home opener helps a little too.

- Miller Park Drunk is calling it a season. They also want Wilco to stay the hell away from Miller Park. I agre, so overrated.

- Weekly Power Rankings: CBS has the Brewers at 20th, ESPN has them at 26th

Minor Leagues

- The T-Rats pitching has been great, but their offense hasn’t been. They’re confident the hitting will turn around. They lost again Tuesday night 3-2.

- Huntsville’s bats are cold too.

- In fact, Gamel might be the only one in the organization not ice cold.

NL Central

- Nightly NL Central Wrap-up: Cubs 5-2, Astros 1-6, and Pirates 4-3 didn’t play. Cardinals are beating the Diamondbacks.

- I found this funny, but others may get riled up. Some Reds fan named Matt hates a lot of things, including the Brewers. You know why I don’t hate the Reds? They’re not even worth the time or energy to bash. I tap Joe to respond to this, if anyone does.

- Even more funny: Things that have more patience than Rick Ankiel. This is fun! Let me try one.

- Kevin Gregg will be limited to one inning because of problems with his knee.

- Milton Bradley is working to change his image. With the name Milton Bradley, that’s not very likely. His image will forever be one of board games.

- Goat Riders believes the Cubs will win 110 games and the World Series. What Cub fan doesn’t think this? However, interesting note that they will make a run at Roy Halladay, I could see that.

- The Cardinals don’t think that Troy Glaus is re-upping on the ‘roids during this recovery stint. Then again, the manager for that team didn’t believe McGuire was using PED's.

Other News

- MLB is searching for an Honorary Bat Girl for the Susan G. Komen foundation. While anything that raises money and awareness for this cause is a good thing, I can’t help wonder why there aren’t bat girls on a more regular basis. It doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal who does the job.

- We have God on our side in New York, or at least the Archbishop.

- RFB is happy to say that the New Glarus Brewery has made both top 50 Breweries lists. Congrats and we will personally work on making you climb higher on the list.


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