Royal Rumble 2013 Buyrate Revealed: How Much Impact Did The Rock Have?

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIMarch 12, 2013


Headlined by The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE championship, this year's Royal Rumble was one of the most hyped ever.

The official buyrate was released Monday, as reports:

"According to new data from WWE, this year's Royal Rumble garnered approximately 498,000 buys.The 2013 Rumble did around 322,000 buys in North America and 176,000 internationally."

The Royal Rumble has traditionally been one of the highest-drawing pay-per-views of the year, with hundreds of thousands of fans attracted to the featured 30-man Battle Royal.

This year was a little different from most, however.

Since fans are mainly interested in the Royal Rumble match itself, Vince likes to experiment by putting midcard stars into the World championship picture.

This can be seen when Dolph Ziggler was put in World championship matches in 2011 and 2012, and when Jeff Hardy got a shot at the WWE championship in 2008.

2013, however, saw exactly the opposite.

The main event of the show saw WWE champion CM Punk face one of the most recognizable stars in the history of the business, The Rock.

So how much did The Great One manage to electrify?

2012's Royal Rumble garnered 443,000 buys, and it would be fair to credit a large percentage of the 55,000 buy increase to The Rock.

This is the highest buyrate the Royal Rumble has scored since 2008, where the event was bought by roughly 533,000 people worldwide.

For those interested in comparing 2013 to the glory days, 2001's Rumble, which was during the apex of the attitude era, had buyrate of around 625,000.

It may not be an all-time high, but it's the best Rumble buyrate in years and a good omen rolling into what may be the best-selling WrestleMania of all time.

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