WWE Tag Team Bracketology: Which Team Is the Greatest of All Time?

Christopher Olmstead@@whooyouknowitSenior Analyst IIIMarch 12, 2013

WWE Tag Team Bracketology: Which Team Is the Greatest of All Time?

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    Who is the greatest tag team to ever step inside of the squared circle?

    The second installment of my WWE Bracketology series is going to attempt to answer that question. Over the next couple of weeks we will take 32 of the greatest tag teams and work our way down to one.

    In the opening part of this installment you will have the opportunity to vote on the play-in matchups. There will also be a unique opportunity for you to vote in a team that was originally left out.

    Let's get to the voting!

Criteria and Rules

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    The method to come up with these 36 teams was easy feat. In fact, there were a few times where I wanted to blow the whole thing up and go with 68 teams.

    However, I fought that urge and have come up with 36 teams that represent a little bit of everything.

    To fill out this bracket I looked through the extensive history of former tag team champions. I also took into consideration two previously published B/R lists, a WWE.com ranking, two other online lists and the readers comments.

    I know that I will never make everyone happy. If you truly feel a team was snubbed, please be sure to take advantage of the Reader's Choice option. 



    When you vote, please keep the following ideas in mind.

    • Great matches/moments
    • Success as a team
    • Impact on the business/division
    • Chemistry
    • In-ring performance/Wrestling ability
    • Gimmick
    • Ring psychology/story telling
    • Longevity

    Voting will take place over the span of the next couple of weeks.

    The play-in round will be voted on first, followed by the opening rounds in each region.

    I will allow 24-48 hours between each round of voting.

    In order to vote, you will need to comment on the article with your selections for each round or tweet it to me.

Recap: Championship Round Results

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    Here are the results from the final vote of the WWE Bracketology: Who is the greatest wrestler of all time series.

    No. 2 Undertaker (61%) defeated No. 5 Chris Jericho (39%)

Play-in Matchups

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    The winners of the below matchups will be awarded No. 8 seeds in the bracket. 

    Killer Bees vs. Billy and Chuck

    The Killer Bees were made up of "Jumpin" Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair. They wrestled in WWE from 1985-1988.

    Although they never won tag gold in WWE, they are known for their great matches and gimmick. The Bees greatest feud was with the Hart Foundation.

    Billy and Chuck took the idea of bromance to a whole new level.

    The duo are former two-time WWE Tag Team Champions. In 2002 they were named Tag Team of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

    The two might be best known for their commitment ceremony on SmackDown.


    Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

    London and Kendrick burst onto the tag team scene in WWE. Their high-flying style and amazing in-ring chemistry made them an instant success.

    They were two-time WWE Tag Team Champions and in 2007 they were named Tag Team of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

    The World's Greatest Tag Team consisted of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. The duo began as followers of Kurt Angle and were originally known as Team Angle.

    Haas and Benjamin are former two-time WWE Tag Team Champions. In 2003 they were named Tag Team of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.


    Kane and X-Pac vs. The Hollywood Blonds

    Kane and X-Pac were formed during the Attitude Era. A large part of the intrigue from this team was the WWE Universe seeing a softer side of Kane.

    Kane and X-Pac had a unique in-ring chemistry.

    While together they won the WWE Tag Team Championships twice.

    The Hollywood Blonds consisted of "Stunning" Steve Austin and "Flyin" Brian Pillman. The duo was a surprisingly successful heel team in WCW.

    The Blonds are former NWA and WCW Tag Team Champions.

    In 1993 they were named Tag Team of the Year by Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Readers Choice

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    This is going to be your chance to decide on the final team to make the bracket.

    Here is how it's going to work. Below I will list for you what my selection was for the final play-in matchup. If you agree with my choice then vote as usual.

    If you think there is another team more deserving, vote them in when you vote. On the next slide you will find a list of all of the teams in the bracket. Use that list to decide whether you want to try to vote a new team in.

    The Nasty Boys vs. Rock "N' Sock Connection

    The Nasty Boys are made-up of Brian Knobs and Jerry Sags.

    They are former WWE Tag Team Champions and former three-time WCW Tag Team Champions.

    In 1994 they were named Tag Team of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

    The Rock 'N' Connection consisted of The Rock and Mankind. The team formed in 1999.

    The team has won the WWE Tag Team Championships on three separate occasions.

A Look Ahead

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    Here is a list of the other teams that made the bracket (in no particular order).

    Edge and Christian
    The Dudley Boys
    The Rockers
    The Brain Busters
    The Fabulous Freebirds
    The Outsiders
    Money Inc.
    Los Guerreros
    John Morrison and Miz
    The Hart Foundation
    The Steiner Brothers
    The Hardy Boys
    Harlem Heat
    New Age Outlaws
    The British Bulldogs
    Wild Samoans
    The Blackjacks
    Strike Force
    Rock and Roll Express
    Midnight Express
    Beer Money Inc.
    Undertaker and Kane


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    What do you think of the play-in matchups?

    What are your thoughts looking ahead to the rest of the bracket?

    Remember if you want to vote, you can do so by commenting on this article or tweeting me.