Percy Harvin Trade: Did the Seattle Seahawks or Minnesota Vikings Win Mega-Deal?

Chris RolingFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2013

Which team won the Percy Harvin trade?
Which team won the Percy Harvin trade?Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings traded wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks in a mega-deal before free agency opens, but the important question now becomes: which team came out on top of the blockbuster trade?

According to Jay Glazer, head coach Pete Carrol and the Seahawks surrendered its first round pick next year, as well as a seventh-rounder and a pick next year for the dynamic Harvin:



Seattle sends this year's first round pick and a 7th rounder as well as a mid-round pick next year for Harvin. Win-win for both teams

— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) March 11, 2013



It is clear the Seahawks are now all-in on making a push for a Super Bowl. Quarterback Russell Wilson is backed by an elite defense and now has targets to throw to in Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice and Golden Tate, not to mention an outstanding running back behind him in Marshawn Lynch. 

On the other side of the trade, it was no secret the Vikings wanted to get rid of Harvin, especially after his most recent tirade in which he demanded yet another trade (per Minneapolis Star-Tribune).

Minnesota had stood pat on not moving on from Harvin, but a combination of a great trade package and this latest outburst likely made the deal all too easy to accept. 

For Seattle, it is a costly move to acquire the erratic Harvin. The team has drafted four Pro Bowl players in the past three seasons, so giving up high draft selections could backfire. It is also a financial risk to keep Harvin around long-term, as he is reportedly seeking a deal similar to Calvin Johnson's (per Yahoo Sports). 

Of course, a talent such as Harvin is rare. He is only 24 years old and is the premier slot receiver in the NFL when healthy. Perhaps Harvin will get his attitude together now that he is on a contending team. 

Harvin is a dynamic player who can line up all over the field, contributes on special teams and can even line up at running back to provide a wrinkle on offense. Over the course of his career he has scored five touchdowns on kickoffs, and has 20 as a receiver despite being the main receiving threat opposing teams focus on—which could change in Seattle or open things up for those around him. 

Now that Minnesota is rid of its major problem, it can focus on reaping the benefits of the deal by building for the future around what is already a solid base. The offense loses a playmaker in Harvin, but should be just fine thanks to running back Adrian Peterson

Minnesota could use the NFL draft to find a replacement for Harvin, especially now that it has two first-round picks. It could also go the free agency route, as the team has been linked to receiver Greg Jennings (per Minneapolis Star-Tribune).

Either way, Minnesota now has four premier picks in the first 83 selections of the draft, which could be used to upgrade a variety of positions. If the team drafts properly, it could catapult Peterson and Co. right back to the postseason. 

Financially, the deal is a great for Minnesota, as it no longer has to worry about figuring out a mega-deal for Harvin. Instead, it can lock up various rookies, free agents and bring back some of its own such as right tackle Phil Loadholt. 

No matter how you break it down, the Percy Harvin trade is a solid deal for two teams in drastically different positions. Only time will tell which team benefited the most from what could end up being the biggest trade of 2013—and we have not even reached free agency. 

Which team do you think won the trade?


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