Will WWE Use Paul Bearer's Death in Storyline?

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistMarch 11, 2013

Will WWE Use Paul Bearer's Death in Storyline?

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Was CM Punk the Best Option for The Undertaker?

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    @justinlabarwas CM Punk the best possible choice for The Undertaker to face at Wrestlemania this year? #br

    — Matthew Cahill (@MatthewCahill93) March 10, 2013


    Yes, he was.

    I would have liked to seen CM Punk involved in a title match with The Rock and John Cena because the three have been involved with each other for the last two years. It seems like a natural conclusion.

    CM Punk is the best choice for The Undertaker since he won't be involved in the WWE title match. He carried the title for the entire year of 2012. He can sell the entire feud on the mic, which is a key point since The Undertaker isn't typically at every Raw prior to WrestleMania.

    The impressive 18 months CM Punk has had is certainly enough to spark interest in the fans of COULD he be the one who ends The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak.

    CM Punk will also take care of The Undertaker. The legend will be 48 when the WrestleMania match takes place, and a match against other dream opponents like Brock Lesnar would be too physically taxing on The Undertaker.

Is Brock Lesnar's New Contract Making Him a Lock to Win at WrestleMania 29?

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    @justinlabar With Lesnar signing a new contract, is it a lock for him to win at Mania? #br

    — BigOrangePunk (@BigOrangePunk) March 10, 2013

    I think with him signing a new contract, it makes it a lock for him to lose at WrestleMania 29.

    He has two more years to be built back up and used by WWE for other feuds.

    Triple H is likely going to win this match and the WWE prince will get redemption on the former UFC king.

    The feud is still exciting. The performances of these two as the they build up to the fight have been phenomenal.

Before They Were Stars

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    @justinlabar do you recognise this trio from c1985? #br

    — Mister Cowley (@MisterCowley) March 10, 2013


    What a classic picture. The Ultimate Warrior, Dirty Dutch Mantel and Sting.

    A history lesson for those unaware, before they were the famous characters of Ultimate Warrior and Sting―they were a tag team known as Power Team USA and then as The Blade Runners. Sting was known as Blade Runner Flash and Warrior was Blade Runner Rock.

    You've been seeing the man in the middle a lot lately on WWE television as Zeb Colter.

    I would guess this picture was taken from Memphis wrestling as Mantel was typically a heel in that territory.

Will Paul Bearer's Death Be Used by CM Punk?

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    @justinlabar Should the death of Paul Bearer be included in the Taker and Punk Storyline ? #br

    — Gaurav Kumar (@Gaurav9Kumar) March 11, 2013


    I don't think CM Punk NEEDS to make light of Paul Bearer's death to get heat on him in the storyline, but I'm not opposed to it. I won't be offended by it.

    I've heard a lot of fans think that because WWE made video packages for Jerry Lawler's heart attack, it ensures WWE will use Bearer's death in a storyline. I disagree.

    The key is, Lawler is still alive and likely gave his blessing to WWE. Lawler has been in wrestling all of his life. I can imagine he wanted to continue contributing to the entertainment product with good guys and bad guys in any way he could. Even if that meant exploiting his near-death incident on live television.

    The man who played Paul Bearer isn't alive. Unless it is stated in his final requests that he wanted it to be used in WWE's script for entertainment, I don't think we'll see much made of it.

    I can picture The Undertaker making some kind of tribute to his longtime manager. Perhaps Bearer's voice saying “Oh, yes” before his entrance music much like WrestleMania 20. I could also see The Undertaker carrying an urn to the ring in some type of tribute.

    At the end of the day, I won't be surprised by anything, but I don't see WWE wanting to or the man playing The Undertaker allowing this very sad time for William “Paul Bearer” Moody's family to be exploited with any negative words spoken.

    If CM Punk mentions Paul Bearer, I imagine it will be something that puts over how great he was. I could see Punk saying, “Paul Bearer was one of the greatest managers of all time” and then saying, "He is sadly no longer with us. And The Undertaker is all alone in his quest to beat the Best In The World."