CM Punk Cashing In at Judgment Day

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 14, 2009

During a recent interview with, CM Punk was asked by reporter Robert Pasbani Metal when he might cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. "My plan is to call somebody out a little bit ahead of time instead of doing the surprise thing," Punk said. "There is a PPV, Judgment Day in Chicago coming up so I might have to do it so I have the hometown advantage." WWE Judgement Day takes place on Sunday, May 17. To view video footage, visit Note from Ryan Clark:It would make perfect sense to me to have CM Punk come out and cash in his MITB opportunity at Backlash. We've got a LAST MAN STANDING match featuring John Cena & Edge at the event. It would make sense with Cena (likely) or Edge not being able to 'get up' after a Last Man Standing match that Punk would come out and cash-in and likely take the title from Edge who would have just won it from John Cena. That would then set up Edge vs. CM Punk for the title over on SD!. This would also get a belt on SD! which currently does not have a world title. Keep in mind that CM Punk cashed in his first MITB opportunity and screwed Edge. Could it happen again? We'll see. This was apart of an interview that has shown

The last time we have seen someone call someone out before hand was RVD against Cena at the Ballroom so I think there going down that road again what do you think of Punk cashing in so soon should he wait or is the WWE pushing his push a little to fast again.