WWE WrestleMania 29: Questions Left Unanswered Heading into Raw

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIMarch 11, 2013

WWE WrestleMania 29: Questions Left Unanswered Heading into Raw

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    The lackluster event known as WrestleMania 29 is only 27 days away.

    While wrestling's biggest event of the year hasn't gotten the notice yet on its amp-up time and promotion, it still has some pretty compelling storylines that will captivate us and make us want more. 

    It may not be last year's pay-per-view, but it will still leave us excited about what the future will bring and asking questions about what comes next as we head into the hot summer months.

    There are wrestlers who still do not have dance partners yet. Someone in creative had better get on the ball here. Time's a-wasting and fans are getting antsy.

    Here are some questions we still don't have answers to with under a month left to New Jersey.

Will We See Mark Henry and Ryback on April 7?

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    One can only hope.

    If the WWE is changing its tune about Ryback and taking him out of the WWE title picture (I sure hope so) then this makes so much sense.

    Ryback is a powerful entertainer but not a "wrestler," whereas Henry is in the same position. Two ships looking to collide in the night. This could be a very good feud, or it could be a disaster.

    I am hoping to see this kind of great match.

Will We See Someone Step Up to Face Wade Barrett?

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    At first, I thought it would be Bo Dallas. Then, it looked like Sheamus may jump into the mix.

    What in the world has the WWE done here? Too many wrestlers trying to claim a shot at the world title has really hurt Barrett and his chances of being the leader of Friday nights.

    And no, having him feud with Sheamus all over again is not going to help anything. Maybe he should go after Randy Orton again or maybe Kane if Team Hell No dissolves.

    Barrett is too talented to be left in the mid card.

What Happens to Dolph Ziggler?

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    He doesn't have a dance partner yet and looks like he has become the biggest waste of talent in the WWE.

    Well, he and AJ Lee—they are a package deal.

    The company has shown they are hot and cold on Ziggler, who was once thought to be the next Shawn Michaels. That's not going to happen. Ziggler is a talent and can be the biggest star in the WWE, but he needs to be marketed properly.

    I think The Miz becomes his best chance at having a great match. If this were on a one-on-one level, then this could be the undercard match of the night. But with too many variables involved (AJ Lee, Big E and Ric Flair), there is too much room for error.

How Good Is Jack Swagger as the Lead Heel?

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    It's tremendous. It is new school and old school combined.

    Zeb Colter is the perfect balance for Swagger, who is great in the ring but is not the best on the mic. Colter is the old-school wrestler/booker who knows what a "manager" needs to do in and out of the ring.

    While the controversy of the immigration angle is very hot right now, it also creates so many great things for fans getting behind the Alberto Del Rio/Swagger wrestling angle.

    This is a good thing for the WWE. While it is odd in the fact that it was sudden, it's still controversy.

    Controversy creates cash!

Who Will Be the Biggest Surprise at WM 29?

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    I am going to bet on Christian.

    We are all awaiting his return to the company, good, bad or indifferent. We are waiting to see if he lands on the light or dark side of the fence. I am voting on the heel side, and here is why:

    Christian is one of the best workers in wrestling. He is also extremely underrated and has been for a decade or so. While he is great in the ring, he is also great on the mic. He could be of service to other wrestlers, which would keep him at a slower pace and possibly avoid more injuries.

    Has anyone considered his return as a heel and the leader of The Shield?

Who Is Sheamus Feuding With?

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    That's a good question. Wade Barrett? The Shield? Maybe Randy Orton? Who knows?

    Sheamus has become the WWE's top pot-stirrer. He also needs to find a true landing spot after losing the WHC to The Big Show. 

    Having the two giants in a match against The Shield is awesome, but it makes no sense. Chris Jericho should join Orton and Big Show against the Unholy Trinity. 

    Sheamus should (although I don't like it) face Wade Barrett.

Should the WWE Make Big Show's Character a Face Again?

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    I'm not sure about this one. If he is the one to break the chain of power with The Shield, then there is merit to it. But Big Show has been doing his best work ever as a heel.

    The WWE needs to stick to the game plan.

    Look for this to be a one-time deal (I hope) and see where it goes. The fans get behind him no matter what, so it would be interesting to see what happens with the "iron-clad" contract he signed.

    Big Show/Brock Lesnar could be intriguing, though.