WrestleMania 29 Should Be Undertaker's Last Ride

Hector DiazAnalyst IMarch 11, 2013

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

There’s a dead man walking heading into WrestleMania 29—and it just might be The Undertaker for a change. 

With an impressive 20-0 record at WrestleMania, The Undertaker seems unstoppable; there literally has not been any superstar or force that has gotten the best out of The Deadman  

Except age. That has been the case in recent memory. 

He began his professional wrestling career in 1984 and is 47 years old going on to 48 on March 24. He has been plagued with injuries as well.  In fact, his current bill of health even made a few fans speculate as to whether or not The Undertaker would be physically able to participate in this year’s WrestleMania. 

But lo and behold, he showed up at a WWE house show and made his television return in the Old School edition of Raw, which is fitting because no one encapsulates the legacy of Raw and WWE quite like The Undertaker. In fact, he won the very first Raw main event. 

The Undertaker now has an opportunity to end his in-ring career this year at WrestleMania, and there is no person better to carry the torch than the respect-yearning CM Punk

The card at WrestleMania is very solid, even with the pair of anticlimactic rematches. Having Taker go up against Punk is a premium at this point. And even though The Undertaker has held his own in the ring throughout his 29-year career, CM Punk will assumedly be working harder than previous wrestlers to make The Deadman look great in the ring. 

The size of Undertaker’s clout in the world of professional wrestling overshadows CM Punk and his storylines throughout the past year. But the tale may not be centered around The Undertaker this time—no matter how blasphemous it seems to downplay the undefeated veteran.

The buildup to the match may just be the closing of CM Punk’s respect angle. Defeating The Undertaker would definitely stop Punk’s current diatribe against WWE and the fans. 

Becoming the only wrestler to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania would link CM Punk with the Superstars of the past because The Undertaker’s opponents read like WWE’s history of the past 30 years. Punk’s attire and move set is a clear indication that he would welcome such an association. 

But in the event that The Undertaker wins his 21st consecutive match, for how long would he continue the streak? Will the streak even have an official ending or will year after year be filled with subtle disappointment come January and February when he no longer makes his yearly return? 

If there is one opportunity to both praise and end the streak, it is this year’s WrestleMania. 


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