Scott Hall's Fundraiser Reaches $46K and Is Still Climbing

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2013

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Scott Hall is finally on the road to recovery.  After hooking up with Diamond Dallas Page, Hall has made a lot of progress on his way to a new life, a life that fans all over the world feel he deserves.  And now Scott is asking those fans for support.  And they’re showing it in a very big way.  

According to, as of this writing, over $46,000 has been raised for Scott’s hip replacement surgery and recovery.  Surprised?  So was I.

Not because of the amount.  The fact is that many of Scott’s fans have been by his side from day one, supportive of him through every stage of his career.  They want to see him finally get himself right.  It’s obvious that they really care about him.

It’s the short time that it took for the amount to get that high.  The campaign began just a few days ago, and already we’re talking this insanely high amount of money.

Here’s the thing.  Pro wrestling fans, especially WWE fans, are very loyal.  We have our favorites, we believe in guys when no one else does.  Long after the company, long after the McMahons seemingly give up on a talent, we are still there.  We follow, we tweet, we support.  We love them when everyone else has walked away.

To WWE’s credit, however, it’s not as though they did not make the effort.  According to Stephanie McMahon, the company spent in the six figures over the years to help Scott recover.  They perhaps have done more than anyone on a professional level have for the infamous “Bad Guy.”

His friends have surely been there for him, as well.  Kevin Nash has been more of a brother than a friend to Scott, and that support alone has undoubtedly done a world of good.  After all, no one truly understands a pro wrestler’s life than another pro wrestler.  To have the support of someone who was there, who has lived their life in front of the camera as well, is very important.

But to still have the love of the paying audience, who could have washed their hands of him a long time ago, must be everything to Scott Hall.  The fact is, there is nothing tying fans to Scott, besides nostalgia.  There is no reason for any fan to still be there after the many times that Scott has attempted to right himself but ultimately failed.

But yet here we are.

For me, the real question is, what if this does not work out?  What if Scott raises the money, and he likely will, has the operation, recovers from it and then goes back to his old ways again?  What if this second chance becomes just another wasted opportunity?

Quite frankly, it’s not something that many of us want to think about.  But the possibility of this being Scott’s last chance means that anything could happen.  At the end of the day, despite who helps him, or who donates, the truth is that unless Scott stays with it and keeps fighting for a new life, then it will all be for nothing.

There will be no comeback for the Bad Guy.

But the bottom line here is that fans are in his corner.  Scott Hall lived the life of a rock star, a man who had the main-event spotlight, traveled the world, and had everything anyone could ask for.  But he lost it all and now he’s just trying to get back on his feet.  And the fans are the ones who are helping him up.

To say that Scott Hall needs to answer the 10-count is an oversimplified platitude at this point.  The fact is that Scott Hall needs his life.  He needs his family.  More importantly, he needs to find the inner strength and willpower to overcome his demons.  

Last chance, Scott.  Last chance.