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Now that the playoff race is over I turn to the only ray of hope left in the Pacers 08-09 Season, and that is the NBA Awards. The day for voters to submit their decisions for who deserves those awards is tomorrow, so I’m coming in a little late for this, but what the heck. I’m only one man and I’ve been too depressed since the Pacers lost to the Hawks last week to care.

Obviously the only person on our team that is in contention for an award is Danny Granger for Most Improved Player, and this is far from a lock. His main competition is Devin Harris, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, Nene, Thaddeus Young, Rajon Rondo, and Roger Mason Jr. The ESPN Poll of voters has DG edging Harris out by one vote, but who knows.

If you doubt that DG deserves the MIP or need more info on why he deserves the MIP then:
1. Why the heck are you reading a Pacers blog?
2. Shame on you
3. You should check out this site

The site is a nice tribute to our go-to guy, and it’s very interesting to note that Granger is fourth in 4th Quarter scoring only behind Lebron, Kobe, and DWade. Remember that Chris Broussard article when Granger talked about not being mentioned in the same tier as them? This is one stat where he can be.

There is one strange thing on the site though. If you go to the “Danny’s Gear “ tab you can buy a DG33 jersey, a warmup, a hat, and a dog bowl. Bentley’s Dog Bowl for $18.69.

That’s right. A dog bowl.

This begs a couple of questions: Why a dog bowl? Are there many Danny Granger fans that own a dog? Who the hell is Bentley? And why is his dog bowl a piece of Pacers merchandise on the Danny Granger for MIP website? I don’t know the answer to any of these questions.

I google searched “Bentley” “Dog” and “Pacers” and the best I got was this

I don’t know what the heck that is.

Oh well.

I tried to think of a cool slogan for Granger for MIP a la Kevin Love's Miracle Glass Cleaner, but I couldn't because I'm stupid. All of my ideas had to do with Assassins and Hitmen and Ninjas, and we all know that those things don't campaign for anything. They just kill you real good. Which kind of makes sense for a Most Improved Player Campaign, but is also infantile.

This blog entry doesn’t really have a purpose I guess, but neither does the Pacers last game against the Bucks tomorrow.

Good Luck to Danny. He deserves the MIP.

P.S. A better post is coming. Don’t worry.

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