How Every NFL Team Can Solve Its Biggest Weakness Through Free Agency

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIMarch 11, 2013

How Every NFL Team Can Solve Its Biggest Weakness Through Free Agency

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    It is impossible to assume that every NFL team will fill its most glaring hole via free agency, but they can all try.

    Let's say that every team was going to immediately remedy its biggest weakness with a free-agent signing. How would they do it?

    For example, the Miami Dolphins clearly need a No. 1 wide receiver, the San Diego Chargers need offensive linemen and the Indianapolis Colts need outside linebackers.

    Working within the confines of reality and each team's current salary cap situation, let's take a look at one player who could fill each NFL team's biggest area of weakness. Keep in mind that some players will be featured multiple times as they are the best option for multiple teams.

    Get it?

    Okay, let's start in Arizona...

Arizona Cardinals

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    Biggest Weakness: Offensive Tackle

    Free-Agent Solution: Sam Baker

    The Arizona Cardinals' biggest weakness may very well be at quarterback, but no team is going to find a quality QB on the open market.

    Still, the Cardinals have another glaring issue at offensive tackle. Arizona's revolving door of quarterbacks has struggled because the O-line has allowed opposing defensive fronts to impose their will upon them.

    Run-blocking, pass-blocking and every other form of blocking have been an issue. Nate Potter, a seventh-round pick, finished the season as the team's starting left tackle. Clearly that is an issue, and while the Cardinals will not be in the market for a star free agent, there is a deep market at the tackle position.

    Sam Baker is someone who has yet to blossom into the elite left tackle that some may have predicted when he came out of USC, but he has good drive and is a balanced tackle.

    He will be much cheaper than other options like Jake Long and Andre Smith, meaning Arizona could put forth some of its marginal cap room to negotiate with him.

Atlanta Falcons

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    Biggest Weakness: Running Back

    Free-Agent Solution: Steven Jackson

    Releasing Michael Turner and then going after Steven Jackson may seem like a lateral move to some. After all, both running backs are aging and the bulk of their careers are behind them. However, Jackson is still performing at an elite level.

    Jackson has rushed for at least 1,000 yards in each of the last eight seasons and is capable both between the tackles or off the edge. He is not the fastest player in the league, but he knows how to put his 6'2" 240-pound frame to good use.

    Turner averaged just 3.6 yards per carry last season, and his skill set is clearly in decline. Atlanta simply could not afford another year with him as the feature back. In contrast, Jackson could provide a perfect short-term solution to the issue and help the Falcons on the road to the Super Bowl.

    This is a team that is built to win now, and Jackson can help put Atlanta over the top. Putting him in a backfield with Jacquizz Rodgers could create an interesting brand of thunder and lightning for Atlanta.

Baltimore Ravens

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    Biggest Weakness: Inside Linebacker

    Free-Agent Solution: Dannell Ellerbe

    The Baltimore Ravens are just the first of what will be many teams on this list that can best help themselves by re-signing their own free agents. In this case, inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe needs to be retained.

    Ray Lewis' retirement unquestionably leaves a gaping hole in the middle of the Ravens defense. That is a void that cannot simply be filled in with any player. However, Ellerbe already knows this defense and is coming off the best season of his career.

    He had 92 tackles and 4.5 sacks in 2012, proving he can make an impact as an every-down player and ensuring that opposing offenses respect his sideline-to-sideline ability.

    Ellerbe is going to have a number of suitors on the open market, but Baltimore would be smart to hang on to this rising star.

Buffalo Bills

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    Biggest Weakness: Outside Linebacker

    Free-Agent Solution: Paul Kruger

    The Buffalo Bills have an abundance of cap room and a desperate need for linebackers who can rush the passer. That should signal that the team will be in the market for the top outside linebackers in free agency, including Paul Kruger.

    Kruger is the gem of the class after recording 30 total tackles and nine sacks in 2012. He does not have a track record of success, but he has steadily improved and is entering his prime at 27 years old.

    Buffalo had just 36 sacks in 2012, and while Mario Williams was a big addition last season, he is still only one player. The retirement of Chris Kelsay only further shows that the Bills need another rush linebacker. Kruger would be a perfect fit.

Carolina Panthers

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    Biggest Weakness: Wide Receiver

    Free-Agent Solution: Danny Amendola

    There are a few different ways you can look at the Carolina Panthers. Some would say that the biggest weakness for this team is at defensive tackle, but with a plethora of wide receivers set to hit the market and a need at the position, let's focus our attention there.

    Carolina is severely strapped for cash and will not be a huge player in free agency, but with so many receivers looking for contracts, some are going to have to sign at a bargain rate. Danny Amendola could be one of those players.

    With Steve Smith now a 12-year veteran and Brandon LaFell and Louis Murphy being the No. 2 and No. 3 option, the Panthers clearly need help at the position.

    Amendola is someone who can provide a sure set of hands for Cam Newton to throw to. He is a guy who will make tough catches in traffic, but he can also stretch the field when he needs to. The Panthers are going to look for wideouts at some point, and there may not be a better time than now.

Chicago Bears

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    Biggest Weakness: Offensive Line

    Free-Agent Solution: Jermon Bushrod

    One player is not going to single-handedly fix the Chicago Bears' offensive line woes. This is a team that has a lot of trouble protecting Jay Cutler and needs a full revamp of its big men. However, the process has to start somewhere, and Chicago can make a play in free agency.

    Jermon Bushrod is someone who won't come at a bargain price but won't demand Jake Long money either. He has been a great tackle protecting Drew Brees, utilizing sound footwork and an ability to overpower rushing defenders.

    No matter how you look at Bushrod, he is an upgrade over what Chicago has now. J'Marcus Webb is average at best, and Gabe Carimi has not yet developed into a quality pass-blocker.

    Other moves will need to be made, but someone like Bushrod can be a building block.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Biggest Weakness: Safety

    Free-Agent Solution: Ed Reed

    One of the best things an NFL team can do to benefit itself is sign a free agent that comes from a rival squad within its own division. Having the Cincinnati Bengals acquire Ed Reed's services would be a great benefit to their own secondary and take a future Hall of Famer away from the Baltimore Ravens.

    Where is the drawback in that scenario?

    Well, Reed is 34 years old and his best football is behind him, but he is still one of the better safeties in all of football who can be a game-changer when fully healthy. 

    Cincinnati has Nate Clements and Chris Crocker both set to hit the free-agent market, and Taylor Mays is not ready for a starting role. There would perhaps be no bigger move than if the Bengals somehow acquired Reed's services.

Cleveland Browns

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    Biggest Weakness: Tight End

    Free-Agent Solution: Fred Davis

    Go ahead and argue that Brandon Weeden is the Cleveland Browns' biggest weakness; you have a fair point. He is going to be a 30-year-old signal-caller in just his second season of action and looked jittery in the pocket during his rookie campaign.

    However, is Jason Campbell or Tarvaris Jackson a suitable alternative? Should Cleveland really go right back to the draft for a QB?

    Instead, perhaps Cleveland can give Weeden another year and provide him with a serious weapon at the tight end position in Fred Davis. The 6'4", 247-pound target is a nightmare to cover in the short-to-intermediate passing game and would be a clear upgrade over Benjamin Watson.

    Davis is coming off an Achilles injury and drug issues, but the risk may be worth the reward because he will not garner a high price tag and could fly under the radar. A perfect type of player for the Browns.

Dallas Cowboys

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    Biggest Weakness: Offensive Line

    Free-Agent Solution: Phil Loadholt

    There is a debate that never seems to end surrounding whether or not Tony Romo is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Well, it may not be a fair argument to have until we see how he performs behind a decent offensive line.

    The O-linemen who have been marched out in front of Romo have been embarrassingly bad, forcing him into rushed throws and encouraging bad decisions. Romo should not go completely without blame, but he needs competent pass protection in order to truly succeed.

    Phil Loadholt could be a tackle who could help the cause. He has started all 63 of the games he has played in during his career, and at 345 pounds he is fully capable of being a multi-faceted weapon. Loadholt can clear lanes in the running game while also sealing the edges in pass-blocking situations.

    Dallas has almost no wiggle room in free agency, but if it does somehow make a move, it will be for a bargain-bin player. Loadholt is not generating the buzz of Jake Long or Andre Smith yet may be able to serve the same purpose for a team like the Cowboys. 

Denver Broncos

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    Biggest Weakness: Defensive Tackle

    Free-Agent Solution: Terrance Knighton

    This one almost makes too much sense.

    The Denver Broncos are in the market for a defensive tackle, as both Kevin Vickerson and Justin Bannan will be on the free-agent market.

    Re-signing these guys is an obvious solution, but a more intriguing idea is bringing in Terrance Knighton. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio originally drafted Knighton in the third round back in 2009, so he has seen what the 330-pounder can do up front.

    A big guy like Knighton would fit nicely into Denver's defensive scheme and plug this hole perfectly. By clogging up the interior of the line, he would occupy blockers and clear space for Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil to rush off the edge.

Detroit Lions

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    Biggest Weakness: Running Back

    Free-Agent Solution: Reggie Bush

    Yes, the Detroit Lions have serious defensive issues. Both starting defensive ends from last season are gone (Kyle Vanden Bosch was released and Cliff Avril is a free agent) and the secondary has been a mess for years.

    Detroit does need to look for cornerbacks and a potential safety replacement for free agent Louis Delmas. However, running back is also a weakness. The Lions' merry-go-round at the position has included Mikel LeShoure, Jahvid Best, Joique Bell, Maurice Morris, Kevin Smith and Keiland Williams in the last few years, but none have proven to be the answer.

    Reggie Bush could be just the dynamic weapon the Lions need.

    He can be a factor out of the backfield, in the return game and as a pass-catcher. Detroit would greatly benefit from bringing him in.

Green Bay Packers

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    Biggest Weakness: Offensive Line

    Free-Agent Solution: Sebastian Vollmer

    Offensive line or running back...offensive line or running back. Which issue is greater for the Green Bay Packers?

    It would seem that a better offensive line can help create better lanes for whoever is in the backfield, and the line has also struggled with allowing sacks. Keeping Aaron Rodgers upright and helping out RBs has to be a top priority for Green Bay.

    The team has some cap room to play with, and a guy like Sebastian Vollmer could be a great piece to add to the puzzle. Vollmer can play either tackle position and his 6'8", 320-pound frame allows him to tower over just about everyone on the field.

    Vollmer is coming off of knee surgery, but he is one of the most consistent tackles in all of football and would be a welcome addition to a Green Bay unit that needs stability.

Houston Texans

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    Biggest Weakness: Outside Linebacker

    Free-Agent Solution: Connor Barwin

    Sometimes the best way to fix a problem is to hire from within. Connor Barwin is set to become a free agent, but the Houston Texans would be wise to re-sign the outside linebacker.

    Barwin is a player who can take pressure off of J.J. Watt and allow him to wreak havoc off the edge. Houston does not have much depth aside from Barwin, with Brooks Reed a decent player on the other side and Whitney Mercilus still weak against the run.

    The Texans ranked 16th in pass defense last season, but losing Barwin would likely cause that number to only get worse. Adding more talent in the linebacking corps would be nice, but keeping Barwin in the fold should be priority No.1.

Indianapolis Colts

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    Biggest Weakness: Outside Linebacker

    Free-Agent Solution: Paul Kruger

    The first repeat player on our list comes courtesy of outside linebacker Paul Kruger. Pass-rushers are going to be a common theme on this list, and teams with money to spend will be looking at Kruger.

    The Dwight Freeney experiment at linebacker largely failed, and that made the star expendable. With Freeney no longer on the roster, Indianapolis needs to look for pieces that can make the 3-4 defense truly work.

    Kruger has worked within that scheme for four years with the Ravens and could be a key component for the Colts' attempts to make it work. He could both excel off the edge and help other Colts gain a firm hold of the scheme's intricacies.

    Signing Kruger could also take some pressure off Robert Mathis on the other side.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Biggest Weakness: Offensive Guard

    Free-Agent Solution: Andy Levitre

    Blaine Gabbert did not have the type of progress in his sophomore season that Jacksonville Jaguars fans would have hoped to see. He was uncomfortable in the pocket, rushed his throws and proved wildly inaccurate on longer passes.

    Neither he or Chad Henne would appear to be the franchise's future at QB, but as has been mentioned before, there are few alternatives in free agency. So we look at another giant need for the Jaguars and that comes via the guard position.

    Jacksonville went through multiple left guards last season, including a rookie in Austin Pasztor who went from the practice squad to being a starter during the season. Clearly this is a problem that someone like Andy Levitre could solve.

    Levitre is the best guard on the market, and Jacksonville has the cap space to offer him a big deal.

Kansas City Chiefs

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    Biggest Weakness: Wide Receiver

    Free-Agent Solution: Wes Welker

    Re-signing Dwayne Bowe was absolutely, positively huge for the Kansas City Chiefs. However, it could still be argued that the Chiefs need weapons at wideout.

    Jonathan Baldwin, Dexter McCluster and Steve Breaston were not a good enough core group behind Bowe last season. New quarterback Alex Smith is often considered a game-manager, but it is easier to manage a game when you have great weapons around you.

    Just imagine Jamaal Charles in the backfield with Bowe and Wes Welker both lined up at wide receiver. Having Bowe stretch the field while Welker dominates the middle of it could be a scary proposition for opposing defenses.

    KC has cap space to work with and would certainly send shockwaves throughout the AFC West if it brought in Welker.

Miami Dolphins

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    Biggest Weakness: Wide Receiver

    Free-Agent Solution: Mike Wallace

    It is no secret that the Miami Dolphins need help at wide receiver. Brian Hartline and Davone Bess are nice complementary pieces, but neither is a true No. 1 target.

    Mike Wallace is a bona fide top wideout in the NFL and would provide the vertical threat that the Dolphins so desperately crave. Wallace has long been rumored to be on his way to South Beach, and the move makes a great deal of sense.

    Miami has cap space to work with, and Wallace is one of the fastest players in the league. Ryan Tannehill's development into a quality starter would be helped tremendously by bringing in a player with the skill set of Wallace. 

Minnesota Vikings

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    Biggest Weakness: Wide Receiver

    Free-Agent Solution: Greg Jennings

    Take a look back at the Cincinnati Bengals slide and apply most of the same principles here to the Minnesota Vikings.

    Minnesota could potentially add a Pro Bowl-caliber receiver in Greg Jennings while also hurting the depth chart of its bitter rivals, the Green Bay Packers.

    Percy Harvin is still on the Vikings roster, but his current situation remains unsettled at best. While Harvin is one of the best slot receivers in football, Jennings can be a target on the outside who has underrated speed and also makes catches on underneath routes.

    He had a down 2012 due to injury, but Jennings has 53 career touchdowns in seven seasons. That is the type of production that Minnesota could use.

New England Patriots

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    Biggest Weakness: Cornerback

    Free-Agent Solution: Aqib Talib

    The answer to the New England Patriots' biggest weakness also deserves an asterisk. The Patriots' first priority should be re-signing cornerback Aqib Talib, but Talib was still part of a defense that gave up 271 yards per game through the air last season.

    He is part of the solution and not the problem, but clearly re-signing Talib is not going to be enough to completely fix the Patriots' secondary woes. Alfonzo Dennard and Kyle Arrington are helpful parts, but New England has enough cap room to add more pieces to the defensive backfield.

    So while Talib is the biggest free-agent solution, it is also imperative that he is not the only free agent signed in the secondary.

New Orleans Saints

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    Biggest Weakness: Safety

    Free-Agent Solution: Louis Delmas

    The New Orleans Saints' issues last season somewhat mirror those of the New England Patriots. Both teams showcased dynamic and explosive offenses but were hampered by secondaries that practically gave yards away.

    If New Orleans can find a way to improve upon current starting safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper, then that should be the goal. The problem is that the Saints do not have salary cap room to work with.

    That means if New Orleans is going to do anything in free agency it will come via the bargain bin. Louis Delmas is a brash, hard-hitting safety with a ton of potential, but he has battled numerous injuries in his young career.

    Perhaps bringing him into a safety rotational role with Harper and Jenkins could benefit all three players and improve upon the 293 yards passing yards the Saints allowed per game last season.

    Again, it's unlikely the Saints have enough cap room to sign many players, but Delmas is someone to keep an eye on.

New York Giants

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    Biggest Weakness: Linebacker

    Free-Agent Solution: Brad Jones

    The New York Giants need to start bringing in linebackers, but they do not have cap room to work with. Looking under the radar for players who can get the job done quietly fits the mold of what Tom Coughlin likes to do.

    Brad Jones from the Green Bay Packers is an interesting guy who has not received a ton of attention yet could fill a lot of holes. He can play virtually any linebacker position and is sound in all aspects of the game.

    Last season, Jones started 10 of 16 games and recorded 77 tackles, two sacks, four pass break-ups and one forced fumble. These are not exceptional numbers, but Jones showed a lot of promise when on the field and is only going to improve.

    Perhaps Chase Blackburn and Mark Herzlich will improve upon their shaky play from a season ago, but Jones would be a great addition.

New York Jets

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    Biggest Weakness: Outside Linebacker

    Free-Agent Solution: Antwan Barnes

    Wait...did you expect this slide to focus on the quarterback position? Well, it turns out that the New York Jets actually have a bigger problem than the Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow dilemma.

    The Jets are in a really bad position when it comes to outside linebacker. 

    New York released Calvin Pace earlier in the offseason, and Bryan Thomas is not expected to re-sign with the team, per With virtually no cap space to work with and a lack of OLB depth on the roster, where should Gang Green look?

    How about a project like Antwan Barnes?

    Barnes was injured for most of the 2012 campaign due to a pulled hamstring, but he recorded 11 sacks in 2011. The fact that he played his first two years under the tutelage of Rex Ryan with the Baltimore Ravens only makes this prospective signing more enticing.

Oakland Raiders

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    Biggest Weakness: Offensive Line

    Free-Agent Solution: Gosder Cherilus

    Stefen Wisniewski is a capable, quality center. Outside of him, just about every lineman on the Oakland Raiders roster is easily replaceable. The team has been notoriously bad along the O-line in recent years, giving quarterback Carson Palmer little time to make decisions in the pocket and forcing him to throw balls into bad situations.

    Running back Darren McFadden has battled injuries his whole career, but having solid run-blockers in front of him to clear rushing lanes would be a great benefit to his game moving forward.

    What this all adds up to is Oakland combing through the vast depths of free-agent tackles and trying to pluck a player it can afford. Gosder Cherilus has not exactly been superb with the Detroit Lions, but he has shown marginal improvement over the last two seasons and will be inexpensive.

    The Raiders need to start somewhere, and Cherilus is starting to show the potential that made him a first-round pick in 2008.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Biggest Weakness: Nose Tackle

    Free-Agent Solution: Casey Hampton

    If the rumors are true about moving to a 3-4 defensive scheme, the Philadelphia Eagles will need players who know how to work within that defense and succeed.

    The team will also need a nose tackle. Casey Hampton is 35 years old, but as a one- or two-year stopgap player who can man the middle and tutor a young prospect, he seems like a smart fit.

    Hampton is too old to garner a big payday, but he can still play at a high enough level to be of value. Philadelphia's best defensive tackle from a season ago, Cullen Jenkins, is now with the New York Giants, and the Eagles need a presence in the middle.

    Hampton can fill that void and greatly benefit Philadelphia's defensive transition.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Biggest Weakness: Running Back

    Free-Agent Solution: Chris Ivory

    The Pittsburgh Steelers have been restructuring contracts left and right because the team is fighting tooth and nail to get under the salary cap. That kind of effort leaves little to no room to bring in prospective free agents.

    Pittsburgh may not be able to sign big-name or even middle-name targets. However, this team does have holes and will need to fill them somehow.

    Running back has been the biggest issue, with a disappointing Rashard Mendenhall now headed for free agency. There is little upside to Isaac Redman, and Chris Rainey is more of a scatback than an every-down player.

    The Steelers should look at Chris Ivory. A player who has never been given much of a chance because of the bevy of running backs on the New Orleans Saints roster, Ivory has tons of untapped potential. Unfortunately, Ivory has been hit with a second-round tender by the Saints, per Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune

    That is a serious asking price, but it is something Pittsburgh should definitely consider.

San Diego Chargers

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    Biggest Weakness: Offensive Line

    Free-Agent Solution: Jake Long

    Someone has to go after the biggest fish in the pond, so why not the San Diego Chargers?

    Jake Long is the top free-agent left tackle on the market, and San Diego needs offensive line help as much as any team in the league.

    Long has battled injuries over the last two seasons, but he has shown he can be one of the best tackles in all of football and is capable of regaining his elite form.

    The Chargers need to be in the market for taking risks, as the team allowed 49 sacks of quarterback Philip Rivers last season. Those numbers cannot be duplicated again this season if San Diego wants to have any level of success. Signing Long can ensure that sack numbers drop.

San Francisco 49ers

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    Biggest Weakness: Nose Tackle

    Free-Agent Solution: Terrance Knighton

    Terrance Knighton is not quite as good of a fit for the San Francisco 49ers as he is for the Denver Broncos, but he is still the best man for the 49ers to target at nose tackle.

    Last year's starter, Isaac Sopoaga, is now a free agent and failed to impress much last season en route to one sack. An upgrade was needed and that is exactly what Knighton can be. His 330-pound frame can plug up the interior of the line, allowing Justin and Aldon Smith to get to the quarterback off the edge.

    San Francisco needs pieces in the middle of the defensive line, and Knighton is clearly a big piece. The 49ers are ready to compete for Super Bowls right now, and Knighton would be serviceable at worst at defensive tackle.

    At best he could be a difference maker who allows the Smith's to play at their highest possible level.

Seattle Seahawks

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    Biggest Weakness: Defensive Tackle

    Free-Agent Solution: Desmond Bryant

    The Seattle Seahawks have all kinds of cap room and need players who can get to the quarterback. Desmond Bryant is a player who is gaining some traction and may not be cheap in free agency, but he is not going to set market price either.

    Seattle could look to have Bryant address a glaring hole while also saving money to spend on other prospective free agents. The Seahawks saw last season that pass-rush linebacker Bruce Irvin can only excel in passing situations, getting completely lost on rushing downs.

    Signing a player like Bryant would bring balance to the defensive line and allow Irvin more lanes to run through on passing downs. Bryant had three sacks last season and has a strong, 6'6", 311-pound frame.

    He can bull-rush opposing lineman but also has agility enough to go around them. Having an every-down player who can cause pressure is essential to Seattle's year-to-year improvement. Bryant would accomplish that.

St. Louis Rams

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    Biggest Weakness: Wide Receiver

    Free-Agent Solution: Victor Cruz

    With Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson both free agents, the St. Louis Rams' biggest weakness is the wide receiver position.

    The Rams would be smart to target Amendola, but those talks are apparently souring, per

    If Amendola is out of the picture (and even if he somehow stays with the team) then St. Louis should put in an offer sheet for restricted free agent Victor Cruz.

    Cruz is one of the most exciting young pass-catchers in all of football and would immediately bring legitimacy to the Rams' receiving corps. Pairing him with Chris Givens would provide two home run threats and allow QB Sam Bradford to really spread his wings in the passing game.

    It would likely be expensive and cost draft picks, but Cruz could be a catalyst for great offensive production in St. Louis.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Biggest Weakness: Cornerback

    Free-Agent Solution: Brent Grimes

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have more salary cap room than they know what to do with and one of the biggest weaknesses in the NFL at cornerback.

    So where should the Bucs spend all that money?

    Seeing as how Tampa Bay allowed 297 yards passing per game last season and is losing both E.J. Biggers and Brandon McDonald to free agency, cornerback makes the most sense.

    Luckily there are plenty of CBs to choose from on the open market. Brent Grimes is a guy who may not command the biggest contract but could provide the most consistent, quality work of anyone available.

    Signing Grimes would also take him away from the division rival Atlanta Falcons. Again, getting players who you need from a division rival kills two birds with one stone, and having Grimes in the defensive backfield to work against Atlanta's high-powered offense could pay huge dividends.

Tennessee Titans

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    Biggest Weakness: Interior of the Offensive Line

    Free-Agent Solution: Andy Levitre

    Andy Levitre was bound to make at least one more appearance on this list, and it comes courtesy of the Tennessee Titans.

    Tennessee often seemed like a team with no real offensive identity last season, and that was largely due to the erratic play of the team's interior offensive linemen. Well, now starting center Fernando Velasco, Deuce Lutui and Leroy Harris are all free agents, and Steve Hutchinson is 35 years old.

    Changes need to be made to rework the O-line in a hurry, and the Titans will have ample cap room to bring in the right pieces. As was mentioned on the Jaguars slide, Levitre is the best guard on the market and can bring stability to whatever offensive line he joins.

    Levitre is one of the best pass-blockers in the NFL, so he could really spur on the growth of Jake Locker at QB, while also providing decent run-blocking skills.

Washington Redskins

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    Biggest Weakness: Right Tackle

    Free-Agent Solution: Ryan Harris

    Mike Shanahan runs a unique zone-blocking scheme that is not suited to all offensive linemen. Right tackle Jammal Brown missed all of last season with an injury, and his replacement, Tyler Polumbus, was ill-suited to the task of being a starter.

    The Washington Redskins need to sign someone who can excel within the zone-blocking scheme and properly protect quarterback Robert Griffin III. RG3 is known for the way he can move the pocket laterally or escape outside of it. A slow-footed giant of a right tackle simply would not be ideal for Washington.

    Instead, someone like Ryan Harris should be looked at. Harris was drafted by Shanahan back in 2007 and is therefore familiar with what Shanahan likes to do offensively. He played with the Houston Texans last season and was an integral part of what the team did offensively.

    Washington does not have cap room to work with, so it will be looking for a cheaper player like Harris. That is assuming the Redskins are able to be in the market for players at all.

    Still, one of the cheaper options may very well be the best option to work in Shanahan's scheme.