Watch Orlando Sentinel's Hilarious Video Dissing Dwight Howard

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMarch 10, 2013

The Los Angeles Lakers will visit Orlando on Tuesday for the first time since Dwight Howard's departure.

In preparation, the Orlando Sentinel put out this Cee Lo Green parody to properly welcome Howard back to the city.

It's cheesy, silly and has just about everything necessary to give everybody a bit of a chuckle.

Big goofy heads? ✓

A song that would have been outdated even a year ago? ✓

Terrible attempt at Hedo Turkoglu's accent? ✓

Howard actually broke out his iPad and shared the video with the guys in the Lakers locker room before the game, seemingly getting a laugh out of it.

With Howard's return to Orlando upcoming, I'm sure we can prepare ourselves for a ton of vitriol spouted in his direction. Likely a step below what LeBron James received in his first trip back to Cleveland.

Of course, this video plus the comments made by Howard over the past few days about his teammates will only add fuel to the fire of what would be just another mediocre mid-March game.

So watch this bad boy and get ready for Howard's raucous return. It's going to be a fun one.