Jeff Van Gundy Goes on Mini Rant About Cheap NBA Teams

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMarch 10, 2013

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The Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls had the privilege of being graced by Jeff Van Gundy's presence on Sunday afternoon, and as usual, Van Gundy had a few pointed words, this time directed at the Chicago Bulls.

Basketball games can lull, and generally when that happens and Van Gundy is on a microphone, he gives us all a reason not to get up and go make a sandwich.

Today's rant of choice was toward cheap NBA teams, the ones who put the bottom line over a potential championship.

Jeff Van Gundy is on an epic rant about the new CBA and teams being cheap. I'm sure the NBA is thrilled about this.

— Tim Bontemps (@TimBontemps) March 10, 2013

In the crosshairs were all the players that Chicago let go over the offseason, including Omer Asik, Kyle Korver and C.J. Watson, all terrific members off their bench now having great seasons on other teams because of Chicago's penny-pinching.

Asik is now averaging a double-double in just 30 minutes per game, Kyle Korver is leading the league in three-point percentage, while Watson continues to be an incredibly solid backup point guard behind Deron WIlliams.

JVG hammering the Bulls for being cheap.

— Jared Wade (@Jared_Wade) March 10, 2013

Van Gundy sounded like a guy who'd want to coach that has deep pockets after criticizing Bulls repeatedly over not re-signing Omer Asik.

— Tim Bontemps (@TimBontemps) March 10, 2013

As usual, Van Gundy took out his truth gavel and pounded it on his desk as everybody listened. It changes nothing in the league, but it's good to have a commentator who isn't just regurgitating catch phrases and goofing about.

It makes you wonder if this is what's keeping Van Gundy from returning as a coach. I'm sure some team would love to have him, but he seems to be so disheartened by the changes the league has made in terms of building teams over the past few years.

JVG logic on Asik is same logic all (well, a lot) of NY applied to Lin minus the part about drafting him. Losing assets for nothing = bad.

— Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) March 10, 2013

Until then, we'll always have Van Gundy rants to look forward to.

Of course, it's only a matter of time before a few guys in suits stand behind our favorite commentator and look menacing over the course of a game. The league's going to have to keep an eye on him.

"Well, Jeff had to, uh, had to go and so I'll be doing the rest of the game alone." - Breen, as JVG is carried off at gunpoint.

— netw3rk (@netw3rk) March 10, 2013

Who knows? Perhaps Jerry Reinsdorf was listening and he'll be convinced to start spending a few more bones on his basketball team.